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1. procedure.
2. proceedings.
3. process.
4. proctor.
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This Rev Proc requires that either the replacement property or relinquished property be parked with a qualified intermediary or an affiliate thereof during the exchange period since if the investor has title to both properties at one time there would be no exchange.
Proc 93-19 a compensation arrangement with a service provider also must satisfy the requirements of one of four safe harbor provisions.
In order to qualify for the benefits of the Rev Proc, the following tests must be met:
The single-chip PRoC LP, which is now in full production, integrates the robust WirelessUSB[TM] LP 2.
PRoC LP simplifies coding and board layout to cut design time and reduce board space requirements for innovative, small form-factor wireless Human Interface Devices (HID) such as mice, presenter tools and RF remote controls.