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Of, relating to, or suitable for a procession.
1. A book containing the rituals observed during a religious procession.
2. Music
a. A piece played or sung when the clergy enter a church at the beginning of a service.
b. Music intended to be played or sung during a procession.

pro·ces′sion·al·ly adv.


of, relating to, or suitable for a procession
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity
a. a book containing the prayers, hymns, litanies, and liturgy prescribed for processions
b. a hymn, litany, etc, used in a procession
proˈcessionally adv


(prəˈsɛʃ ə nl)

1. of or pertaining to a procession.
2. of the nature of a procession.
3. used in processions.
4. sung or played during a procession, as a hymn.
5. a piece of music, as a hymn or slow march, suitable for accompanying a procession.
6. a book containing hymns, litanies, etc., for use in religious processions.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin]
pro•ces′sion•al•ly, adv.
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Noun1.processional - religious music used in a processionprocessional - religious music used in a procession
church music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies
Adj.1.processional - intended for use in a procession; "processional music"; "processional cross"
2.processional - of or relating to or characteristic of a procession; "in good processional order"


[prəˈseʃənl] ADJprocesional


n (= hymn)Prozessionshymne f, → Prozessionslied nt; (= book)Prozessionsbuch nt
adjProzessions-; pacegemessen
References in classic literature ?
Their first exhibition of themselves was in a processional march of two and two round the parish.
Environmental watchdog EcoWaste Coalition, on the other hand, asked participants to avoid throwing garbage on the processional route.
With music composed by Arthur Sullivan, it was originally entitled Hymn for Procession with Cross and Banners and was written as a processional hymn for children walking to church at Whitsundtide.
Speaking ahead of the processional stage into Madrid about what he has been thinking while racing, Froome said: "It's funny sometimes the little things that will get you to the finish line.
Froome finished behind stage winner Alberto Contador on Alto de l'Angliru to extend his advantage at the top of the general classification with just Sunday's processional stage into Madrid to come.
Despite a number of challenges on yesterday's Aito de Aitana climb, Team Sky's Froome was unable to reel in his rival, leaving the Movistar man's 1min 23sec lead intact with just today's processional stage into Madrid to come.
Froome will wear the yellow jersey in the closing stage, a largely processional ride to the Champs Elysees in Paris on Sunday.
This study identifies thirty-four leaves of a lost manuscript processional from Wilton Abbey, a Benedictine convent and the premiere center of noble women's education in medieval England.
He said in this regard, 1700 police officials would perform duty for different processional routes and religious gatherings.
In one example, Francis' most public appearance in New York -- a processional drive through Central Park in his open-sided popemobile -- required tickets for the 80,000 people who could line the route.
The book convincingly contends that Memling's Passion narratives are best understood as inviting an embodied devotional response analogous to devotional processional practices in both urban, northern Europe and the Holy Land.
Contract awarded for purchase of construction materials for developing the work bench pedestrian street improvement of belt processional, zone 1, san lucas sacatepequez