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1. A provincial governor of consular rank in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.
2. A high administrator in one of the modern colonial empires.

[Middle English, from Latin prōcōnsul, from prō cōnsule, in place of the consul : prō, instead of; see pro-1 + cōnsule, ablative of cōnsul, consul; see consul.]

pro·con′su·lar (-sə-lər) adj.
pro·con′su·late (-sə-lĭt) n.
pro·con′sul·ship′ n.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an administrator or governor of a colony, occupied territory, or other dependency
2. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Rome) the governor of a senatorial province
[C14: from Latin, from prō consule (someone acting) for the consul. See pro-2, consul]
proconsular adj
proˈconsulate, proˈconsulship n


(proʊˈkɒn səl)

1. an official, usu. a former consul, acting as governor or military commander of an ancient Roman province, with powers similar to those of a consul.
2. any appointed administrator over a dependency or an occupied area.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin prōconsul; see pro-1, consul]
pro•con′su•lar, adj.
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Noun1.proconsul - an official in a modern colony who has considerable administrative power
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
2.proconsul - a provincial governor of consular rank in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire
governor - the head of a state government
3.proconsul - an anthropoid ape of the genus Proconsul
hominoid - a primate of the superfamily Hominoidea
genus Proconsul - genus of extinct primitive African primates of the Miocene epoch; sometimes considered a subgenus of Dryopithecus


[ˌprəʊˈkɒnsəl] Nprocónsul m


nProkonsul(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
There comes a Mirabeau or a Danton, a Robespierre or a Napoleon, or proconsuls, or an emperor, and there is an end of deliberations and debates.
In both cases (though somewhat later with Clay), the American proconsul controlled both the military occupation forces and the combat elements remaining in theater.
Equally important, the self-proclaimed proconsul backed crass sectarianism as he encouraged militias to rise against each other, aware that Sunni-Shiite divisions would serve western interests through classic divide-and-rule mechanisms.
24 ans plutot, en 1956, [beaucoup moins que](Aa) C'est un Sudiste, ne a Djerba comme moi (et dans le meme patelin), qui allait brandir l'etendard de la revolte et tenter, a partir de la Libye, de conquerir le Sud de la Tunisie a la tete d'une [beaucoup moins que] armee de liberation de la Tunisie [beaucoup plus grand que] qu'il avait constituee (avec l'argent des services speciaux egyptiens diriges alors, pour l'Afrique du Nord, par Fathi al-Dib, qui se prenait pour le proconsul du Maghreb arabe)[beaucoup plus grand que], ecrivait BBY, le plus jeune ministre du premier gouvernement de Habib Bourguiba qui epousera plus tard le metier de journaliste en France.
What is sensitive about a police operation, I ask the great ambassador, the proconsul of America here, Enrile said at a Senate forum on Thursday.
Sin embargo, consideramos que no es una coincidencia superflua o literaria que un Arriano, proconsul, haya dejado una muestra de su devocion por Artemis en Betica, ademas, el Cinegetico y la misma Anabasis apuntan en igual direccion, dejar en evidencia la piedad griega.
Around 45AD Barnabas, Paul and Mark sailed to Cyprus and travelled across the island from Salamis to Paphos, where they converted the Roman Proconsul, Sergius Paulus, to Christianity.
Among the topics are intellectual responses to Roman rule in the high empire, Luke-Acts stand towards Rome, Josephus and Tacitus on triumph and civil war, Ulpian of Tyre on the duties of the proconsul, Greek history in a Roman context: Arrian's Anabasis of Alexander, and images of elite community in a re-reading of the preface to Philostatus' Lives of the Sophists.
Parecen ya lejos aquellos desplantes de triunfalismo donde altos funcionarlos federales nombraban a un general como proconsul solo para verlo acosado al otro dia por defensas comunitarios.
Viene con esto a mi memoria la frase de mi profesor de Derecho Penal, don Enrique Cury, quien en la clase inaugural del curso nos dijo: "Nadie recuerda cuando en la capital del Imperio Romano se enfrentaron en un juicio por sus intereses patrimoniales las dos principales familias patricias; pero la historia se divide cuando, en una pobre provincia, el proconsul Pondo Pilatos se equivoco en el juicio criminal de un carpintero".
While key players like Truman and Clay, America's military proconsul in Germany, would, in the years to come, claim the credit for adopting an "airlift strategy" to circumvent Stalin's high-stakes gambit, Harrington's reading of the historical record indicates another, more nuanced reality.
TEHRAN (FNA)- An international team of anthropologists has discovered definitive evidence of the environment inhabited by the early ape Proconsul on Rusinga Island, Kenya.