procrustean bed

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Procrustean bed

also procrustean bed
An arbitrary standard to which exact conformity is forced.
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Noun1.procrustean bed - a standard that is enforced uniformly without regard to individuality
criterion, standard, touchstone, measure - a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; "the schools comply with federal standards"; "they set the measure for all subsequent work"
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While offering the theory of intermediality as an alternative to describing film sound in terms of diegetic relationships (what she calls "the Procrustean bed of diegesis," p.
It was also a clear departure from the conventional foreign-policy straightjacket devised by Kemal Ataturk, which had for decades forced Turkish diplomacy into the Procrustean bed of 1920s-style integral nationalism.
Given the empirical detail and the plausible narrative that Dwyer gives us, his pressing of the maneuvering by the Mexican government and its diplomatic representatives into the procrustean bed of "everyday resistance" and the "weapons of the weak" seems a bit gratuitous, since it does little work in adding to the reader's understanding of the history.
At their most dogged, or programmatically theoretical, they bludgeon the reader so that by a certain point he can predict what they will have to say when they lay the matters of their analysis reductively upon a Procrustean bed.
Yet, a "one size fits all" approach is the Procrustean bed that RiskMetrics is seeking to impose with its new approach.
Still, their peripatetic day remains highly amusing, for old Dad is quite a character, while his son, dour and melancholic by comparison, rouses himself by and by from his procrustean bed of self-tormenting freedom to realize that he loves the old man, despite the differences time and temperament have wrought on their mutual regard.
Although he is aware that strict definitions, especially if not deeply contextually located, can get caught in a procrustean bed, Olson's definition of "science" may have already short-sheeted the project.
But, he claims, "the a posteriori use of first philosophy is demanded by the prior claims of Christian faith itself" (30), and it need not be a Procrustean bed that constricts Christian truth.
The sensitive critic of Shakespeare, as Nuttall demonstrates over and over in his close readings, seems to find that the Bard has always included another layer of complexity in his art that resists the urge of the critic to create a Procrustean bed of meaning.
While the book, "A Whole New World: Great Insights into Transformation & Fulfillment-The Gospel of John," gives the appearance that it is going to help the reader work through the Gospel of John, and give a greater grasp of the Gospel and how it personally applies, instead the book is more of a reflection on the author's preconceived mold into which the chosen texts are made to fit like a Procrustean bed.
These limits do not, however, constitute a Procrustean bed for scholars consulting the dictionary, because the editors have conceived this as an open-ended forum for scholarly exchange, through a "Corrigenda and Addenda" section appended to volumes two (pp.
Unlike the answer to the Uraon riddle, her book comes with open hands, linking a wealth of references and ideas without trying to reduce them to a Procrustean bed of argument.