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Noun1.product introduction - the introduction (usually by an advertising campaign) of a new product or product line
first appearance, introduction, debut, entry, launching, unveiling - the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line"
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We think this combination creates a leading company that can support its collective customers on a seamless basis by offering services that support new product introduction though volume production.
Of course, no new product introduction would be complete without a comprehensive marketing communications effort to support it.
The failure rate for new product introduction in the retail grocery industry is 70-80 percent.
He was responsible for leading the office of the CTO, the patent committee, the company's technology realization, and product introduction in all technologies to customers.
Andrew will retain low-volume filter production, supply chain management, and repair services in Capriate, while, in Agrate, Andrew will retain a variety of functions that include product line management, customer sales, research and development, quality, repair, supply chain management, new product introduction, engineering, and staff support.
Elcoteq's manufacturing operations in the Americas are located in Monterrey and Juarez, Mexico; Manaus, Brazil; and a New Product Introduction (NPI) center in Dallas, Texas.
Solectron's FinePitch Technology operations provide emerging and established businesses with prototyping and new product introduction solutions to facilitate time-to-market and low-volume, high-mix manufacturing services for many industries, including medical devices.
We are delivering an outsourcing solution to medical device firms that meets or exceeds their quality goals, maintains all regulatory requirements, accelerates new product introduction and drives down production costs.
Technology, Product Introduction, Commercialization, And Competition
NaviSys Front Office is part of NaviSys Enterprise Platform(TM), which enables rapid product introduction and straight-through processing of insurance.
This quality management system is specific to the aerospace industry for its design, new product introduction, manufacturing and test activities.
CLEVELAND -- Imalux Corporation has commenced market development and product introduction activity with their exclusive distributor Device Technologies Australia.

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