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Noun1.production cost - combined costs of raw material and labor incurred in producing goods
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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At the 95th percentile, the production cost was about $10 per barrel.
The report by the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies, provided to KUNA Monday, pointed out that high output means lower production cost and wider profit margin.
As requested, we (1) identified the latest production cost estimate and assessed the planned offsets from cost reduction plans, (2) identified areas where additional cost growth is likely to occur, and (3) determined the extent that DOD has informed Congress about production costs.
The production cost of tire has increased since last August when the production cost rose by 11.
Also note that with the huge profit margins on patented pharmaceuticals in the industrialized world, patent holders have little incentive to reduce production cost, since it makes up so small a part of the price.
The market value formula used in this case was essentially a hybrid method that calculated the value of unbottled whiskey by interpolating a value between the whiskey's production cost (using the cost of reproduction method) and the whiskey's net realizable value (using the comparative sales method).
Q&A 12 provides that the CTI for a component product or end-product form must be computed using the (4) production cost ratio method.
The regulations do provide that, if a common feature is completed and placed in service before completion of a separate unit that it benefits, the cost of the common feature is not counted as an accumulated production cost for the benefited unit subsequent to the date that the common feature is placed in service.
After determining total grinding cost, compare it to production cost per work-piece.

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