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proem, proemium

a preface, preamble, or brief introduction, as to a book or other work.
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Index Locupletissimus in Metaphysicam Aristotelis, IX, proemium.
The dedicatory epistle is the normative place for asserting the author's poetic proposition, as it functions, rhetorically, as the proemium in oratory.
Altera haec posterior, et novior a Britanno quodam traducta, cuius etiam proemium legimus, in quo et Fratrem se Ordinis Praedicatorum scribit, et rogatu confratrum de his transferendis laborem suscepisse.
Literary programmatic material naturally appears in the poem's proemium (1-8):
Quintilian distinguishes five main partes orationis: proemium or introduction, statement of facts, proof, refutation, and peroration (3.
Gareth Williams's construal of the proemium to On the Shortness of Life, based on his own 2003 text (Cambridge), is no more accurate than that of Basore's (Loeb, 1932).
De natura Novi Orbis libri duo et de Promulgation Evangeli apud Barbaros, sive de Procuranda Indorum salute libri sex, Proemium del Procuranda.
Following a brief proemium, the volume offers twenty essays divided into seven groups: I.
42) In other words, the law follows Ciceronian arrangement starting with a proemium in which the rhetor announces the pending legislation and takes a stance.
Capaneus is first introduced in the proemium, alio Capaneus horrore canendus ('to be sung with a different horror).
In the Proemium to his commentary on the Decalogue, St.