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Noun1.professional life - a career in industrial or commercial or professional activitiesprofessional life - a career in industrial or commercial or professional activities
calling, career, vocation - the particular occupation for which you are trained
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He has been in rigid bondage so long that the large liberty of the university life is just what he needs and likes and thoroughly appreciates; and as it cannot last forever, he makes the most of it while it does last, and so lays up a good rest against the day that must see him put on the chains once more and enter the slavery of official or professional life.
The chances were that May, who knew nothing of his professional life, and had never shown any interest in it, would not learn of the postponement, should it take place, nor remember the names of the litigants if they were mentioned before her; and at any rate he could no longer put off seeing Madame Olenska.
They were, some of them, for inviting him to their homes--"An' bring the wonderful dog along for a sing-song"; but Daughtry, proud of Michael for being the cause of such invitations, explained that the professional life was too arduous to permit of such diversions.
In the course of his professional life, which now extended over six or seven years, Ralph had saved, perhaps, three or four hundred pounds.
I saw my life as a whole: I followed it up from the days of childhood, when I had walked with my father's hand, and through the self-denying toils of my professional life, to arrive again and again, with the same sense of unreality, at the damned horrors of the evening.
I should have been extremely happy, Copperfield, to have limited these charges to the actual expenditure out of pocket, but it is an irksome incident in my professional life, that I am not at liberty to consult my own wishes.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 10 (ANI): While some may thought that motherhood might have changed Kareena Kapoor Khan's work life, the actress says that it hasn't affected her professional life much.
Objective: This study investigated the relationship of hardiness, optimism and professional life stress among house-job doctors serving in five public teaching hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan.
Dainton and Zelley present students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a wide variety of contexts with the third edition of their comprehensive examination of the application of communication theory to professional life in a variety of settings.
Praising the "Crazy in Love" singer, Priyanka was told IANS, "I admire Beyonce a lot because she is an amazing performer and more than anything, she balances her personal and professional life very well.
Contract notice: allocation of accident insurance, excess insurance, law and personal injury (lot 1) and optional insurance professional life and private life (lot 2) different organizations active in the field of water, waste, economic affairs, offices of education, the environment and other public actors in wallonia
Has there been anyone in your personal or professional life you have regularly turned to for advice and support?

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