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Noun1.professional tennis - playing tennis for moneyprofessional tennis - playing tennis for money    
sport - the occupation of athletes who compete for pay
lawn tennis, tennis - a game played with rackets by two or four players who hit a ball back and forth over a net that divides the court
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Spare time hardly seems plentiful for Murray, who plays professional tennis for 40-odd weeks of the year, having won two Grand Slams and an Olympic gold before, in all probability, leading Great Britain to a first Davis Cup triumph since 1936 in Belgium this weekend.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Grigor Dimitrov, 24 year old professional tennis player currently ranked 16[sup.
The victory boosted Djokovic's opportunities to top the rank of professional tennis players by adding 1,000 points to his name, reaching 14,845 points.
Tenders are invited for Professional Tennis Provider.
Professional tennis player of Uzbekistan Denis Istomin will take part in a tennis tournament of Grand Slam, Wimbledon.
MILLS & Reeve has recruited experienced employment lawyer and former professional tennis player Richard Santy to boost its Birmingham employment team.
The IPTL is a first of its kind endeavour in Asia, bringing together some of the best male and female professional tennis players along with some of the past legends from across the globe to give fans the opportunity to witness something new and exciting.
I remember being this age and being introduced to tennis, wishing I could have these types of experiences, to play with professional tennis players, so it's good to be here today," said Jaziri.
Our motivation is to make a major contribution toward helping ensure professional tennis players can make a decent living," said Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley.
The day-long festival took place at BTF courts in Isa Town, featuring a variety of tennis contests for Bahrainis and expatriates, and was run by a team of professional tennis coaches.
And the Scot will then face a possible final against Andy Roddick, who is now retired from professional tennis, the following day.
YOU published a letter from me on August 20, 2008, under the headline, Olympic Puzzle, in which I wrote that I could not understand why it is that professional tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are allowed to compete in Olympic tennis matches, while iconic professional boxing figures cannot go for gold in their particular sport.

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