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Noun1.professional wrestling - wrestling for money
sport - the occupation of athletes who compete for pay
rassling, wrestling, grappling - the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down
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29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Coast Wrestling (PCW) announced today that its debut professional wrestling event, "Release the Kraken", will take place January 9, 2016 at the Oak Street Gym Facility in Torrance, CA.
Reigns shifted to professional wrestling by 2010 in the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), where he won the FCW Tag Team Championship with tag team partner Mike Dalton.
A new brand of madness WRESTLING fan Mark Dallas, he became disillusioned with the censorship that began to limit the violence in professional wrestling, and dreamed up the phenomenon of Insane Championship Wrestling.
com)-- TVS Television Network returns to professional wrestling with the revival of their International Wrestling Association.
Back then, millions of fight fans tuned in on Saturday afternoons to watch ITV's World of Sport's professional wrestling.
He took up professional wrestling at 16 and ran British Championship Wrestling as well as the Scottish Professional Wrestling Academy in East Kilbride.
Headlocks and dropkicks; a butt-kicking ride through the world of professional wrestling.
He said: "It will be a family-friendly professional wrestling show and promises to be an action packed night of entertainment.
Beefy men in tights intent on beating one another to a pulp, or at least slapping each other silly, filled the ring Saturday night at the Regional Sports Center as professional wrestling came to Springfield.
Wrestlemania 24 is the flagship professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) (Formerly known as World Wrestling Federation).

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