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The rank, office, or term of office of a professor.
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In later pages of Up Stream, which lacked the grounding of his parental world, Lewisohn resorted to caricature and overstatement, as when he remarked: "[The] trouble with the American professorate was its cowardice and its effeminacy of mind," or when he asserted that immigrant intellectuals such as himself, rather than Anglo-Saxon guardians, upheld the best American traditions.
Over my first decade in the professorate, as I have been in it for over two generations, I was asked the preceding question repeatedly.
Nonetheless, the professorate plays an important role in the academic achievement of underprepared students and the college student of color--a pivotal and crucial role in both their social and academic success.
Mr Ding Yi holds PhD and is a professorate senior engineer.
Over the past five years, we have seen the corporatizing influence creeping into higher education with the same narrative applied to the professorate.
The doctoral degree in counselor education is formulated to prepare candidates for the professorate and all of the duties it entails, including research, service, and teaching.
As these future scholars contribute to the potential candidate pool for the professorate within other institutional auspices, individuals who have participated in international programs have the capacity to become champions for internationalization, whereby increasing the future levels of participation among African American students at the vast variety of social work programs on the national spectrum.
As a teaching-scholar my philosophy on the mission of the professorate is summed up in the words of former Occidental College president, John Slaughter, who stated that, "Research is to teaching as sin is to confession.
Sheets (2003) stated that it takes more than admirable intentions to prepare a culturally sensitive workforce: "While we currently may have the ability to inspire, we have not demonstrated the capacity to educate a professorate who can prepare pre-service candidates to succeed in diverse settings" (p.
For more quantitative analysis of the Professorate, see "Does How You Measure Representation Matter?
The team's work was supported by the Mexico's National Council on Science and Technology and the Program for Improvement of Professorate of the Mexican Ministry of Public Education.