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or pro·fes·so·ri·at  (prō′fĭ-sôr′ē-ət, prŏf′ĭ-)
1. The rank or office of a professor.
2. College or university professors considered as a group.
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So much of the professoriat is put in a position of catering to consumer demands that they don't have the leverage to do much more than fill their classes if they want to keep their jobs.
The goal of this program is to help bring more diversity and diverse perspectives to the American professoriat," Bengochea says.
In turn, Polke, with his no-holds-barred painterly efforts, and Beuys, with his magically healing mode, came to epitomize the new professoriat to which the Junge Wilde would willingly be indentured.
This was when he knowingly and eloquently brought politics to his academic projects, contending that the social and ideological were intrinsic and not just "context" for his study of rhetoric, narrative, and form; when he urged the responsibility of professional criticism to engage with matters of inequality, injustice, and oppression, scorned the pretensions and timidity of the entrenched professoriat, and castigated intellectuals for failing to undertake the dissident functions of an intelligentsia.
8) This is why it makes sense to see the Summer of Faulkner less as an effort to make an avant-garde artist available for the edification of the masses than as the latest installment in a subaltern reception history that continuously shadows and complicates his canonization by the professoriat and other cultural gatekeepers.
Perhaps the biggest influence that is now being felt in the OWS demonstrations comes not from the proletariat but the professoriat.
True, she wrote, with his death the German professoriat had lost one of its exceptional voices.
But see Gordon, supra note 1, at 547 ("I think that what the professoriat has to offer is the ability to cross subject-matter and doctrinal lines, and to utilize the interrelationships that exist in the real world.
The professoriat became increasingly mesmerized by the image of the nobility and holiness of the victim.
Mostly a salaried professoriat, they're as much at home in the system when it functions a little better than it does right now as anyone else.
15) Although the academy is marbled with professors who spent time in the Solicitor General's office or practiced with public-interest or private law firms that maintained a Supreme Court practice, most faculty members, even those with Court-related backgrounds, entered the professoriat largely because they wished to devote themselves to traditional teaching and scholarship.
Adolph Hitler was responsible for new foreign blood arriving in the Harvard professoriat to trigger a prewar overdue renaissance in economics.