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or pro·fes·so·ri·at  (prō′fĭ-sôr′ē-ət, prŏf′ĭ-)
1. The rank or office of a professor.
2. College or university professors considered as a group.


(ˌprɒfɪˈsɔːrɪɪt) ,




1. (Education) a group of professors
2. (Education) Also called (esp Brit): professorship the rank or position of university professor
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is primarily a pathway to the professoriate is just not the case, says Janet Rutledge, dean of the UMBC Graduate School.
That success will bring along more Latinos who want to focus in areas where they have been conspicuously underrepresented, such as graduate education in the STEM fields, the professoriate, medical school, law school or MBA programs.
That's what the aging of the population really means," says Brian Kaskie, associate professor of health policy at the University of Iowa's College of Public Health, who studies higher education response to the aging professoriate.
As more Latinos enroll in college, the number of Latinos going into the professoriate is not keeping pace, according to a recent Excelencia in Education analysis of federal data.
Part of the fault for this may be laid at the feet of the system's entrenched interests: the teachers' unions and the higher-education professoriate.
Even the professoriate in the far west - the liberal "left coast" - saw the ratio of liberal-to-conservative professors jump only to 6 to 1, from about 3 to 1, during that time.
The authors in the this volume considers the ways race influences aspects of the doctoral experience including (but not limited to): the student-faculty relationship, academic advisement, the role of social networks, the influence of prior academic and social experience, the impact of mentorship, the value of programmatic support in building cultural wealth, and understanding the transitions towards the professoriate.
s Russian Professors is to explore the cooperative (and corporate) unit of the Russian professoriate, its "professional culture" (7) in the early 19 th century, dating from the erection of the university system by Alexander I until (roughly) the Crimean War.
The university also has an ambitious target to have women make up at least 30% of our professoriate by 2021.
Historical identities: The professoriate in Canada, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2006, pp.
The Article observes that a general disdain for poor and working-class whites evolves into the denial and distancing of class migrants, those who move into the professoriate from lower socioeconomic stations ("SES").
In the spirit of an academic community devoted to free inquiry and unfettered debate, members of New York University's professoriate will get together tonight to partake in a faculty forum, a recurring opportunity to get together informally and discuss matters of great import.