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Having or marked by an advanced degree of competence, as in an art, vocation, profession, or branch of learning.
A person who exhibits such competence; an expert.

[Latin prōficiēns, prōficient-, present participle of prōficere, to make progress; see profit.]

pro·fi′cient·ly adv.
Synonyms: proficient, adept, skilled, skillful, accomplished, expert
These adjectives mean having or showing knowledge, ability, or skill, as in a profession or field of study. Proficient implies an advanced degree of competence acquired through training: is proficient in Greek and Latin.
Adept suggests a natural aptitude improved by practice: became adept at cutting the fabric without using a pattern.
Skilled implies sound, thorough competence and often mastery, as in an art, craft, or trade: a skilled gymnast who won an Olympic medal.
Skillful adds to skilled the idea of natural dexterity in performance or achievement: is skillful in the use of the hand loom.
Accomplished bears with it a sense of refinement after much training and practice: an accomplished violinist who played the sonata flawlessly.
Expert applies to one with consummate skill and command: an expert negotiator who struck a deal between disputing factions.
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Adv.1.proficiently - in a proficient manner; "he dealt proficiently with the problem"
بِبَراعَه، بِخِبْرَه، بِحِذْق
af færni


[prəˈfɪʃntlɪ] advabilmente


(prəˈfiʃənt) adjective
skilled; expert.
proˈficiently adverb
proˈficiency noun
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With such, we are committed to customizing our product offerings as per our customers' requirements; thus, creating unique financial instruments, supported by a highly dedicated and proficiently staffed team," exclaimed Elaggan.
As a volunteer-driven organization committed to strengthening our community, we are invested in developing youth from cradle to career and learning to read proficiently is a key component of success in school and in life," added Melynda A.
What he actually said to his troops was, "Pick a partner and practise passing, for if you pass proficiently, perhaps you'll play professionally.
MD PEF impressed upon the corporate sector to proficiently use their corporate social responsibility principles for the promotion of education in the deserving segments.
RJ cadres managed during the snowstorm to put in place and proficiently carry out a contingency plan, which directly reflected on operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction," he told Petra in an interview.
As a professional environmental services manager, his team leadership, communication and project management skill set will make sure projects are completed proficiently and on time.
Haynes already has 20 first-team appearances to his name with his ability to support attacks while defending proficiently keeping far more senior pros out of the side.
The Spaniard's main position is centre forward, but his versatility allows him to proficiently maraud both right and left flanks.
UPS and United Way join forces with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading to help more low-income children read proficiently by the end of third grade
For many students, proficiently mastering reading comprehension and writing skills in 180 school days is challenging enough, but speeding the process by assessing them 50-plus days ahead of time has their stomachs in knots.
29 ( ANI ): A proficiently managed public civil service is the key to ensuring good governance and efficient delivery of services to the people, said President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday.
This is particularly the case with the communications technology that children instinctively manipulate more proficiently than their elders.