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Having or marked by an advanced degree of competence, as in an art, vocation, profession, or branch of learning.
A person who exhibits such competence; an expert.

[Latin prōficiēns, prōficient-, present participle of prōficere, to make progress; see profit.]

pro·fi′cient·ly adv.
Synonyms: proficient, adept, skilled, skillful, accomplished, expert
These adjectives mean having or showing knowledge, ability, or skill, as in a profession or field of study. Proficient implies an advanced degree of competence acquired through training: is proficient in Greek and Latin.
Adept suggests a natural aptitude improved by practice: became adept at cutting the fabric without using a pattern.
Skilled implies sound, thorough competence and often mastery, as in an art, craft, or trade: a skilled gymnast who won an Olympic medal.
Skillful adds to skilled the idea of natural dexterity in performance or achievement: is skillful in the use of the hand loom.
Accomplished bears with it a sense of refinement after much training and practice: an accomplished violinist who played the sonata flawlessly.
Expert applies to one with consummate skill and command: an expert negotiator who struck a deal between disputing factions.
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Adv.1.proficiently - in a proficient manner; "he dealt proficiently with the problem"
بِبَراعَه، بِخِبْرَه، بِحِذْق
af færni


[prəˈfɪʃntlɪ] advabilmente


(prəˈfiʃənt) adjective
skilled; expert.
proˈficiently adverb
proˈficiency noun
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it is preferred that the firm specializes in tourism/destination marketing and proficiently meets the tdc market and scope needs.
PBIT is working proficiently to promote investment projects to potential investors worldwide and facilitate them in every possible way,' Jahanzeb said after signing the MoU.
The 10mm was just too powerful for proficiently training the huge mass of American law enforcement folks who eventually transitioned to the .
Yet the former elementary school teacher writes proficiently and with extensive detail.
Seller owns another in Boca Raton and can't operate both proficiently, buy one or both (see listing 13401339) and become independent operator or remain as franchisee.
Langit na Rin doesn't just recall the soul-drenched early ballads of Janno Gibbs in the late '80s and early '90s (I Believe in Dreams, Isang Tulog na Lang, with Manilyn Reynes), it also proves that JC can proficiently carry a tune that requires him to rise above schmaltz and scale its melodic ascent with increasing degree of difficulty and confidence.
As a volunteer-driven organization committed to strengthening our community, we are invested in developing youth from cradle to career and learning to read proficiently is a key component of success in school and in life," added Melynda A.
Haynes already has 20 first-team appearances to his name with his ability to support attacks while defending proficiently keeping far more senior pros out of the side.
Bethel: 3 percent increase in four-year graduation rate to 64 percent; 3 percent more third-grade students reading and doing math proficiently to 77 percent and 70 percent, respectively; 3 percent increase in ninth-graders on track to graduate to 68 percent
Ted Shallcross, vice president at Amica Life, said, 'LifeSuite will allow us to proficiently triage cases based on plan-specific criteria, providing for a streamlined underwriting process, including auto issue capabilities.
Has schooled proficiently since on Mandown and should get it right this time.
Efficient material flow is maintained with a design that operates proficiently at five application points from a single air source, requiring fewer parts and less maintenance.