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a. A side view of an object or structure, especially of the human head.
b. A representation of an object or structure seen from the side. See Synonyms at form.
2. An outline of an object. See Synonyms at outline.
3. Degree of exposure to public notice; visibility: preferred to keep a low profile.
4. A biographical account presenting the subject's most noteworthy characteristics and achievements.
a. A set of characteristics that identify or are thought to identify a particular type of person: The police assembled a profile of the car thief.
b. A formal summary or analysis of data, often in the form of a graph or table, representing distinctive features or characteristics: a biochemical profile of blood.
6. Geology A vertical section of soil or rock showing the sequence of the various layers.
tr.v. pro·filed, pro·fil·ing, pro·files
1. To draw or shape a profile of.
2. To produce a profile of: profiled the singer in a magazine article.
3. To engage in the ethnic or racial profiling of (a person).

[Italian profilo, from profilare, to draw in outline : pro-, forward (from Latin prō-; see pro-1) + filare, to draw a line (from Medieval Latin fīlāre, to spin, from Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots).]

pro′fil·er n.


a person or device that creates a profile, esp someone with psychological training who assists police investigations by identifying the likely characteristics of the perpetrator of a particular crime


(Police, Psych) → Profilfahnder(in) m(f), → Profiler(in) m(f)
(Tech: = profiling machine) → Profilfräsmaschine f
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