profit and loss account

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Noun1.profit and loss account - an account compiled at the end of an accounting period to show gross and net profit or loss
account statement, accounting, account - a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance; "they send me an accounting every month"
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When the last 'natural' had been declared, and the profit and loss account of fish and sixpences adjusted, to the satisfaction of all parties, Mr.
It is equally true that on some islands, such as Malaita, the profit and loss account of social intercourse is calculated in homicides.
The group's decision not to credit a pensions contribution against its profit and loss account would also hit the full-year figure.
The Group will recognize a charge in the Profit and Loss Account for the fair value of outstanding share options granted to employees after November 7, 2002.
Profit and loss account June 30, June 30, Variation June 30, 1997 (in (pound) 1998 1997 98/97 reported(3) million)) (1) restated (2)