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Noun1.profit taker - someone who sells stock shares at a profit
stock trader - someone who buys and sells stock shares
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20% 40% 50% loss loss loss Sell All now 27% < < 2% 2% 50% Now, 50% over 45% 3% < time 2% Structured Sale plan 69% 12% 4% Profit Taker 72% 21% 10% Sell at end 88% 30% 13% Data indicate the probability of a peak-to-trough decline in pretax, pre-cash-flow cumulative returns of 20%, 40%, and 50% over the life of the precast based on monthly observations.
There is a suspicion the problem stems not fromrecession -during which workers helped turn Corus from a pounds 246m loss maker to a pounds 92m profit taker -but the new man at the helm, CEO Kirby Adams.
The Gulf individuals turned net profit takers to the tune of QR0.
Crude oil futures traded lower Friday in late European trade as profit takers hit the commodity after a sharp rally Thursday, triggered by bullish comments from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and amid ongoing tensions in the Middle East.
Buying by profit takers gave way to selling pressure prior to a 10-year bond auction scheduled later this week, pushing up the yield, a broker said.
Mining stocks were on the radar of profit takers after delivering very robust returns in the year to date.
Paul Webb, CMC Markets' head of trading, said: "The question is just how much positive sentiment we can expect to find to support this rally and when the profit takers will try and move in.
Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays were also down as the sector's twoday rebound faded and profit takers moved in, losing 13.
BP was hit hard by profit takers, losing 10p to 664.
Moreover, he claims the concern was also a victim of profit takers, who sold shares shortly after its IPO and ran.
The stock market run up has also created large year end bonuses, along with profit makers and profit takers.