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Adj.1.profit-maximizing - making the profit as great as possible; "the profit-maximizing price"
increasing - becoming greater or larger; "increasing prices"
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The institutional view of the firm is thus no more idealized than is the profit-maximizing view.
Production planning process is designed to shale Eesti Energia value chain variable profit-maximizing production planning through .
If the defendant thought that by pricing below its static profit-maximizing level its rival would exit the market (and that was why it chose to price that low), then, according to Markovits, the defendant should be found liable for predatory pricing even if, objectively, this did not happen and there was very little chance that it would.
I examine this question using a theoretical model of a sports league with profit-maximizing teams.
Cooperatives are not profit-maximizing entities for themselves.
The topics include reconciling identity management and coping strategies with diversity ideology, organizational and individual colorblindness approaches to past injustice, the intersection of organizational and individual diversity ideology on diverse employees' perceptions of inclusion and organizational justice, what a profit-maximizing rationale for affirmative action ignores and why it matters, and examples of multiculturalism at work in Britain and Germany.
In this case, it's over the recent power crisis that caused electricity rates to shoot up to unconscionable highs that left the populace gritting their teeth in anger and wishing malice on the power players, most particularly the merrily profit-maximizing Meralco.
A monopolistic insurance company will use it to determine the profit-maximizing insurance premiums.
Banks that offer Islamic financial products are profit-maximizing intermediaries between savers and investors and offer custodial and other traditional banking services.
The appropriate profit-maximizing strategy a firm should take, however, can be found in an analysis of the structure of the industry in which one operates.
Indeed, the current regulatory framework has allowed profit-maximizing companies to deliberately minimize their inventories of fuel in response to signals from the futures market even though this raises the risk of fuel price spikes.
Furthermore, in our model, it is not the absolute level of consumer demand, nor the absolute value of the sponsoring fees per viewer, that are affecting the choice, but it is the ratio between the level of demand and the sponsors' sensitivity that is crucial for the decision of a profit-maximizing sport broadcaster.