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 (prŏf′lĭ-gĭt, -gāt′)
1. Given to or characterized by licentiousness or dissipation: a profligate nightlife.
2. Given to or characterized by reckless waste; wildly extravagant: a profligate spender; the profligate use of water.
A profligate person.

[Latin prōflīgātus, past participle of prōflīgāre, to ruin, cast down : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + -flīgāre, intensive of flīgere, to strike down.]

prof′li·ga·cy (-gə-sē) n.
prof′li·gate·ly adv.
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Adv.1.profligately - in a dissolute way
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With this handsome offer, Mr Gregsbury once more threw himself back in his chair, and looked like a man who had been most profligately liberal, but is determined not to repent of it notwithstanding.
We've used antibiotics very well for patient care sometimes, but also very profligately both in medicine and in animal care and I think we're paying for it," Dr Gottlieb said.
The government therefore should do a better job of keeping marijuana from being used profligately in the state through an expanded education program and stricter law enforcement.
The prospect of the United States maintaining this crucial, yet informal, coalition with Iran, naturally evokes a deep sense of unease among the Saudis who have profligately reaped the benefits of America's perfunctory support which was parlayed into their extremist agendas.
The exhibition ignores Rothko's juvenilia --mostly Cezanne-lite oils that borrow profligately from his tutor Max Weber--and begins with his Untitled (Seated Woman) of 1930--one of his first experiments with coloured paper.
The life principle which resides in the White race alone, will eventually dry out at the source as the race spreads it about too profligately.
Later, it took a further eleven years for that same class of 'inbreeds' to destroy the south's economy -- 2002 to 2013 -- when our banks fomented loans sans collateral, laundered money and legalised the theft/junking of depositors deposits, shareholders shares and bondholders bonds while government profligately spent, spent and spent.
Suppose you have a child who is profligately spending your money on things that you disapprove of and that are very harmful--by charging them to your credit card.
Put simply, economic development aid and international investment for a regime that has spent profligately on military purchases that have proved essential to genocidal warfare is morally intolerable.
9 is similar to Nastagio's in that he spends his immense wealth profligately to court monna Giovanna, to the point of becoming destitute.
In effect, the Fed has two public-relations tasks: one is to persuade households and businesses to borrow and spend profligately as a means of growing the economy, while at the same time the central bank must mask the project of preserving the "too big to fail" banks behind a facade of public policy that is long on persuasion and short on mechanisms to help real people in the real economy.