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 (prŏf′lĭ-gĭt, -gāt′)
1. Given to or characterized by licentiousness or dissipation: a profligate nightlife.
2. Given to or characterized by reckless waste; wildly extravagant: a profligate spender; the profligate use of water.
A profligate person.

[Latin prōflīgātus, past participle of prōflīgāre, to ruin, cast down : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + -flīgāre, intensive of flīgere, to strike down.]

prof′li·ga·cy (-gə-sē) n.
prof′li·gate·ly adv.
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Adv.1.profligately - in a dissolute way
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With this handsome offer, Mr Gregsbury once more threw himself back in his chair, and looked like a man who had been most profligately liberal, but is determined not to repent of it notwithstanding.
Ditto on some state governors; the arrangement unknowingly, buoy upre-contesting and outgoing governments operate profligately, diverting and writing-off allocations earmarked for new administration's capital votesmunificently than Father Christmas.
The Reds boss is not the one finishing profligately or smacking free-kicks into walls, and for the second time in five days United were indebted to a stunner to put them on the way to victory.
Robertson charts a different path: she avows a militant materialism, but a materialism of the superficial, the dandiacal, and the profligately lovely.
It used to be that the bright new idea, that Eureka moment, was represented by an incandescent light bulb going on over the inventor's head; but now incandescents burn too profligately to meet the latest standards for inventive benefaction, so that the light emitting diode and the compact fluorescent light--though not nearly as handsome as their outmoded ancestor--will evidently have to serve as the emblems of prodigious thinking.
But they don't mention how this ideology has blocked infrastructure spending and mostly funneled subsidies to legacy industries whose managers and shareholders have donated profligately to its political high priests.
Another urgent need now that the hotlines are in operation and apparently being used profligately by certain people, is proper training for call center agents or hotline operators, who must know how to detect prank calls and quickly disengage from this type of callers to free the line.
Spent carefully, $100 million a year will do more good than several billion dollars spent profligately.
Furthermore, the least revenues generated and received through the District Assemblies Common Fund are profligately utilized through the Tender Entity Committee (TEC) established to procure services, goods and work for the Assemblies.
We've used antibiotics very well for patient care sometimes, but also very profligately both in medicine and in animal care and I think we're paying for it," Dr Gottlieb said.
The prospect of the United States maintaining this crucial, yet informal, coalition with Iran, naturally evokes a deep sense of unease among the Saudis who have profligately reaped the benefits of America's perfunctory support which was parlayed into their extremist agendas.
Furthermore, related lending, diverting corporate opportunities from the company, hiring unqualified family members on managerial positions, rewarding themselves with undue pay without performance, taking managerial benefits such as spending profligately and corporate jets (Wan-Hussain, 2005).