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 (prō-glŏt′ĭd) also pro·glot·tis (-glŏt′ĭs)
n. pl. pro·glot·tids also pro·glot·ti·des (-glŏt′ĭ-dēz′)
One of the segments of a tapeworm, containing both male and female reproductive organs.

[Greek proglōttis, proglōttid-, tip of the tongue (from its shape) : pro-, before; see pro-2 + glōtta, tongue.]

pro·glot′tic, pro′glot·ti·de′an (-glŏt-ĭ-dē′ən, -glŏ-tĭd′ē-ən) adj.
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The same type of dried rice or wiggly white proglottid is seen on the rectal area or in the bedding of an infected cat.
We isolated genomic DNA from a tapeworm proglottid by using the DNeasy Tissue Kit (QIAGEN, Hilden, Germany).
1,4,9) Each segment contains two proglottids and each proglottid has both male and female reproductive organs, which classifies the organism as hermaphroditic.
We've also seen the proglottid of a tapeworm--these often fold up on themselves, and can almost look like a pinworm.
Therefore, subjects must always be asked to perform the CT method before they go to the toilet and whether they had proglottid expulsion or not before the CT method.
The eggs contained in the gravid proglottid (about 50,000 each) are released after the proglottid becomes free and are passed with the feces.
Each segment, or proglottid, may contain as many as 40,000 eggs.
Dipylidium caninum infection was confirmed by the identification of a typical gravid proglottid.
Macroscopic examination of a single, 6-cm portion of unfixed strobila without scolex, obtained from feces, revealed individual proglottids, wider than they were long, and a central rosette-shaped uterus in each proglottid.
The sections of the worm, appearing somewhat like the inch marks on a measuring tape, are called proglottids, and each proglottid contains hundreds of eggs.
Their proglottids are wider than they are long and contain numerous testes and vitelline glands (the glands in Platyhelminthes that produce yoke material and the egg shell) throughout each proglottid except for a narrow zone in the center.
Back in the days when I practiced emergency medicine, I often received late night calls from panicked cat owners who, after seeing a proglottid or two on their cat, were simply appalled and couldn't believe that something so disgusting could have come out of their cat.