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 (prŏg′nə-thəs, prŏg-nā′-) also prog·nath·ic (prŏg-năth′ĭk, -nā′thĭk)
Having jaws or mouthparts that project forward to a marked degree.

prog′na·thism (-nə-thĭz′əm) n.
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Adj.1.prognathic - having a projecting lower jaw
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2] the facial appearance is characteristic with a beaked nose, prognathic jaw, small face and a prominent forehead.
Examination revealed a tall man with a normal blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and temperature, but with orbital hypertelorism, a prognathic jaw, an eunichoid stature and long arms.
A review of the literature on the prevalence of Class III malocclusion and the mandibular prognathic growth hypotheses.
Also supporting this hypothesis is the fossil record within the human lineage; the oldest fossils that present evidence of bipedal behavior belong to individuals with relatively prognathic faces (Jaws projecting forward), larger canines, and smaller brains.
Now there are concepts such as neoteny, which suggests that all humans stop their development at the ape juvenile stage and have developed a bigger brain and a less prognathic face.
The child exhibited typical general appearance of HR with short stature at a height of 149 cm, which is below the 5th percentile for height in Jordanian boys, bowing of the lower extremities, and abnormal gait, his facial appearance indicated a prognathic mandible (Fig 1a).
Extra oral examination revealed long and narrow face with concave profile due to prognathic mandible (Fig 1A).
These patients can be prone to gagging, due to the enlarged tongue and Class III prognathic jaw.