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or pro·gram·er  (prō′grăm′ər)
One who programs, especially:
a. Computers One who writes computer programs.
b. One who prepares or writes instructional programs.


a US spelling of programmer
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Tenders are invited for Providing services of 1 District computer programer, 7 Junior programers, 9 Data entry operators, 7 Block Account Assistants, 21 School level Accounts Assistants and 7 teaching staff & 5 non teaching staffs to Dakshina Kannada district
For the collection companies, it was decided that the Omanization percentages should be 100% for meter readers, worker, assisting jobs, 55% for manager/supervisor, programer, and 87% for accountant and cashier.
com programer has recently revealed one of the computerized methods incorporated into their trading robots, which the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch has named the, "most profitable trading robots in the market today.
For them, inhouse development is a huge endeavor: they've got everyone from a physicist to a chemist to a sports scientist to a textile designer to an industrial designer to a programer who understands code.
In addition to composing for the viola, Thomas was known to have played viola in chamber concerts, but his lasting contribution to the viola was as a conductor and programer.
Both labels point to what the programer designs rather than to what variables can account for learners' behavior.
Making this global trip even better is Gillett's touch as a programer, which makes Brazilian Gal Costa's "Voyeur" seem like the natural song to follow Alergian Souad Massi's "Inspiraion.
Benefits for members of RJ's Royal Plus Frequent Flyer Programer will start this weekend and customers will be able to redeem mileage points on all other oneworld carriers.
The instruction icons will immediately alarm the programer if a target is out of reach by changing the target color to red.
Such organizations include Joy in Singing, the Lindemann Young Artist Development Program of the Metropolitan Opera, and Lincoln Center as led by the artistic programer Jane Moss, who actively searches out and highlights new vocal recital talent.
Prof Wright developed the Silence Machine in a converted garage at his home in Huddersfield with the help of a computer programer colleague.
Roling was a software engineer/ application programer for Intermec.

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