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or pro·gramed  (prō′grămd′, -grəmd)
1. Of, relating to, or resulting from programmed instruction: programmed learning.
2. Relating to or resulting from a genetic program: the programmed development of the nervous system.


programed (US) [ˈprəʊgræmd]
A. ADJprogramado
B. CPD programmed learning, programmed teaching Nenseñanza f programada
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foreordination, which means that all things are programmed, but does
AMD Mirrorbit flash families, Intel's StrataFlash(R) wireless flash memories, key Flash devices from Atmel, Fujitsu, Sharp, ST Microelectronics, and NAND Flash from Samsung and SanDisk can be programmed on the Data I/O FlashPAK programmer at very high speeds for product prototyping, new product introduction, and medium volume production.
FlashCORE(TM) is the architecture behind a family of Flash programmers that deliver the highest throughput and lowest cost per programmed device.

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