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tr.v. pro·mot·ed, pro·mot·ing, pro·motes
a. To raise to a more important or responsible job or rank.
b. To advance (a student) to the next higher grade.
2. To contribute to the progress or growth of; further. See Synonyms at advance.
3. To urge the adoption of; advocate: promote a constitutional amendment.
4. To attempt to sell or popularize by advertising or publicity: commercials promoting a new product.
5. To help establish or organize (a new enterprise), as by securing financial backing: promote a Broadway show.

[Middle English promoten, from Old French promoter, from Latin prōmovēre, prōmōt- : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + movēre, to move; see meuə- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·mot′a·bil′i·ty n.
pro·mot′a·ble adj.


suitability for being promoted
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Future work should investigate the relationships between the antecedent measures of power, upward influence tactic usage, and a variety of job-related outcomes, such as promotability and performance ratings in order to systematically assess Kanter's (1977) argument that power is cyclical in organizations.
Rothwell is Summit Chair, and he will deliver a keynote address and present exclusive new research on executive promotability.
In addition, Cox and Nkomo (1992) found age to be inversely related to promotability for older employees, even when performance, job tenure, and education were held constant.
com) is a free seven point check that analyzes the design and promotability of a Web page, including an analysis of load time, dead links, link popularity, spelling, HTML design, browser compatibility, and other diagnostic checks.
com's TalentManager succession planning product gives human resources executives the power to search for and select internal job candidates based on a combination of requirements including competencies, performance, readiness, potential and promotability for each position being planned.
In addition, many respondents identified effective writing as a critical or very important determinant of promotability.
Bob's and Harvey's films are known for quality and promotability, making them a perfect fit with the acclaimed and award-winning original series that have generated strong momentum and subscriber growth for SHOWTIME.
Their Promotability Gauge and Peter Zone are particularly powerful.
In addition, other employee education programs address training needs in the areas of product/project knowledge, as well as operations and supervisory skills to enhance promotability.
I know I was viewed - admittedly with good reason - as a wild card, and I'm sure that impacted my promotability.
Management Attribute Advantages Pitfalls Firm Career * Firms can promote * Confusion can arise as Pathing and bright up-and-comers when to whether one has to be Promotability topline revenue is not a nonequity partner enough to admit equity before becoming an equity partners.
Exploring Ethical Leadership and Promotability, 20 BUS.