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Tending to promote.

pro·mo′tive·ness n.


tending to promote
proˈmotiveness n
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Adj.1.promotive - tending to further or encourage
encouraging - giving courage or confidence or hope; "encouraging advances in medical research"
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This includes promotive, preventative treatment and palliative health care services, said Nelly Enwerem-Bromson, Director of the IAEA s Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT), highlighting the need to comprehensively tackle cancer within the context of strengthened health systems.
The minister also stressed ministry's support for all promotive steps taken by the leadership and the government of the two countries to achieve goals.
The services provided will include promotive health services, preventive services and curative services and rehabilitation services for the citizens and the elderly in remote areas in the context of primary health care concepts, in addition to nursing services and lab tests.
Thus, its contribution is more towards understanding the problem from a preventive and promotive aspect" (Sigdel, 2012: 27).
In summary, although imposing an additional eligibility requirement of current jurist status on Quebec appointees would have been consistent with and perhaps promotive in ensuring civil code expertise among Supreme Court judges and Quebecer confidence in that expertise, imposing that requirement was not essential to achieving those goals.
Focus will now be on comprehensive and holistic primary healthcare, including preventive and promotive health, to improve health and reduce healthcare expenditure.
Proactive Law enhances Preventive Law by adding a fourth, promotive or
Contract grant sponsor: National Natural Science Foundation of China; contract grant number: 20876081; contract grant sponsor: Promotive Research Fund for Excellent Young and Middle-aged Scientists of Shangdong Province; contract grant number: BS20I2CL016; contract grant sponsor: Joint Funds of the Qingdao Municapal Natural Science Foundation, China; contract grant number: 12-1 -4-3-(33)-jch.
Promotive effects of long-term fertilization on growth of tissue culture-derived Hypericum polyanthemum plants during acclimatization.
Promotive Peer Contexts of Academic and Social Adjustment Among Rural African American Early Adolescent Boys.
Important aspects of collaborative learning are positive interdependence, individual accountability, face-to-face promotive interaction, social skills and group processing (or self-analysis of the group) [11].
KPJ today has more than 1,000 medical specialists and more than 10,000 employees, providing a range of services encompassing curative, promotive and preventive care.