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1. pronominal.
2. pronoun.
3. pronunciation.
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Ubiquitous in the Spanish-language press, a translator, and trained as an academic, Pron is a masterly short-story writer; and this novel's fragmentary structure (three sections, composed respectively of fifty-two, seventy-two, and forty-one episodes) shows how he amplifies "simple" forms to great use.
Daha sonra pron pozisyonuna alinan hastanin batin bolgesi yumusak kompreslerle ve 3000 cc'lik izotonik torbalariyla yukseltilerek hastanin govdesi ile bacaklari arasinda yaklasik 120-135 derecelik bir aci olusturuldu (Resim 1).
Amac: Miyokart perfuzyon SPECT (single-photon emission computerized tomography) calismalarinda, inferiyor duvarda diafragm atenuasyonuna bagli olarak gelisen yalanci pozitif perfuzyon defektlerinin azaltilmasinda, pron pozisyon yaygin olarak kullanimaktadir Bu calismada, inferiyor miyokart enfarktuslu (MI) hastalarda, infarktusun siddeti ve yayginliginin belirlenmesinde pron pozisyonunun supin pozisyona gore ustunlugu olup olmadigi arastirildi.
The property owner, KTR Capital Partners, was represented in house by Steve Pron.
The Madam Speaker said that the parliament was pron to legislate any law that aims at protecting labour rights and further enhance their standard of living.
Pron, P, Rammoa, P, "Processible Conjugated Polymers: From Organic Semiconductors to Organic Molecules and Super Conductors.
Until now customers of GMFAA include almost all domestic airlines and a number of foreign airlines such as Pron Air (Spain), MK Airlines (Britain), Air Atlanta (Iceland) and Hellenic Imperial Airways (Greece).
a contr da prep a com o art def a ou com o pron dem a.
The most frequently used verb for 'to wish, want' is rad, yrid, but in the idiolects of some speakers the pseudoverb bidd + pron.
V 2 (< French), 3 1c) ewe (eowu) 700 N yew (eow) 725 N 4 you (eow) 897 Pron 4 1d) encounter 1297 N (< French encontre) encounter 1300 V 2 (< French encontrer) 1e) curve 1594 V (< Latin curvare) curve 1696 N 2 (< Latin curvus)
Thus it begins with the vocative particle "a" (as in a chara or a lanna), and concludes with "yowe" (Ulster form of "ewe;" pron.