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1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
2. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.

[Earlier, organization for the propagation of a practice or point of view, from Propaganda, short for New Latin Sacra Congregātiō dē Prōpagandā Fidē, the Sacred Congregation for Propagating the Faith, a division of the Roman Curia established in 1622 to promote the evangelization of non-Christian peoples and the spread of the Roman Catholic Church in other Christian communities, from Latin prōpāgandā, ablative feminine gerundive of prōpāgāre, to propagate; see propagate.]

prop′a·gan′dism n.
prop′a·gan′dist n.
prop′a·gan·dis′tic adj.
prop′a·gan·dis′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) characterized by propaganda or propagandists
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Adj.1.propagandistic - of or relating to or characterized by propaganda
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It works through its journal and elsewhere to establish an aesthetically informed an properly critical restoration literature and, where appropriate, to counter partisan or propagandistic accounts in the specialist press and in the public media.
Since 2011, Syria has been faced with massive insurgency sparked by the certain Western countries and their regional allies that staged a propagandistic war against Damascus.
The conclusion from the report is that the State Department still prefers the propagandistic approach to thoughtful, detailed and substantive discussion of problems (over implementation of arms control treaties)," the ministry said.
In the light of opposition leader Zoran Zaev's latest 'bomb' about how the amnesty for the war crimes, known as Hague cases, was bargained over, Albanian experts say Zaev has touched upon a sensitive issue with a propagandistic effect considering it concerns a process that has been closed with political consensus, Nova Makedonija reports.
There also are other projects that clarify facts and present evidence of propagandistic materials online such as STOP FAKE.
Here Edward decided to stamp his authority on the land, in what would amount to an orgy of propagandistic self promotion.
Calling it a mere propagandistic perception, Asif categorically rejected the protesting parties --Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)-- had pressured the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government to a standstill
Like a broken record we keep hearing statements about "Russian aggression" and "spheres of influence", reproduction of other propagandistic cliches of "Cold War" times.
The propagandistic farce, which terrorists qualify as the referendum, will have no legal consequences except the criminal responsibility for its organizers," Turchynov said.
Ten days before, he had told senior military officers, ''I shall give a propagandistic cause for starting the war, whether it be plausible or not.
Propagandistic celebration is the centrepiece of Harper's non-history project.
But I didn't, because the editors continue to rely on information generated from the firmly entrenched, propagandistic cartel for a federal drugs prohibition.