proposal of marriage

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Noun1.proposal of marriage - an offer of marriageproposal of marriage - an offer of marriage      
question - an informal reference to a marriage proposal; "he was ready to pop the question"
offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
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Louisa, my dear, you are the subject of a proposal of marriage that has been made to me.
Martin, and contained a direct proposal of marriage.
His proposal of marriage being accepted by the lady, the commissary took his seat behind the proprieties with great decorum, and Mrs General drove until the commissary died.
A man who did not know that the Countess Narona had borrowed money at Homburg of no less a person than Lord Montbarry, and had then deluded him into making her a proposal of marriage, was a man who had probably never heard of Lord Montbarry himself.
So then, it had actually happened to her, a proposal of marriage.
I have actually had a proposal of marriage, from a young gentleman who sits opposite me at the table d'hote
This point being cleared up, they soon found themselves so well pleased with each other, that Jones quite forgot he had begun the conversation with conjuring her to give up all thoughts of him; and she was in a temper to have given ear to a petition of a very different nature; for before they were aware they had both gone so far, that he let fall some words that sounded like a proposal of marriage.
Guppy, "(mother, I wish you'd be so good as to keep still), that Miss Summerson's image was formerly imprinted on my 'eart and that I made her a proposal of marriage.
Shoot in a rose, or a calceolaria, or an herbaceous border, or something, I gather, and you have made a formal proposal of marriage without any of the trouble of rehearsing a long speech and practising appropriate gestures in front of your bedroom looking-glass.
Margaret came close up to her and whispered that she had had a proposal of marriage from Mr.
The awful thought had come upon her that this ambassadress had come to her as a proxy with a proposal of marriage.
Isabel's only reply to this extraordinary proposal of marriage was a faint cry of astonishment, followed by a sudden trembling that shook her from head to foot.