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Key relatives included siblings, parents, offspring, grandparents, first uncles and aunts, and the propositus.
Other than our propositus case, we did not observe in our sample a longer course of disease in patients with macrolide-resistant M.
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That is not to say that the propositus intends to stay where he is indefinitely; indeed his purpose, while settled, may be for a limited period.
In the event of death of any son or daughter of the propositus before the opening of succession, the children of such son or daughter, if any, living at the time the succession opens, shall per stripes, receive a share equivalent to the share which such son or daughter, as the case may be, would have received if alive.
Concomitant analysis of the [beta]-gene showed that the propositus carried the Hb D Punjab + IVSI -110 (G [right arrow] A) mutation.
Therefore, we stratified the single group analyses, including only the propositus of each family.
Part of exon h of the F9 gene (Xg27) and part of exon 1 (used as reference) of the [beta]-globin gene (11p15) were amplified by real-time PCR from DNA obtained from the propositus, the two related female patients, unaffected males (n = 5), and female noncarriers (n = 6).
A low cobalamin concentration had been noted several years earlier in the 57-year-old propositus, for which she received intermittent cobalamin injections.