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tr.v. pro·pound·ed, pro·pound·ing, pro·pounds
To put forward for consideration; set forth. See Synonyms at propose.

[Alteration of propoune, from Middle English proponen, from Latin prōpōnere, to set forth; see propose.]

pro·pound′er n.
References in classic literature ?
Not being prepared with an answer to the question, the Man with a Shotgun sagaciously removed the propounder.
The propounder of the theory regretted that he might never enjoy the blessings of such a state, which, he argued, would result in the ideal life for mankind.
26 -- The Hindutva propounder, VD Savarkar in his book, Hindutva (1923) and the prominent ideologue of the RSS, MS Golwalkar in his book, We or Our Nationhood Defined (1939) kept Indian Muslims and Christians out of Indian nationhood.
Democritus of Abdera, the propounder of the atomic theory, which claims that the physical world is made up of an infinite number of atoms that move randomly through the void) and "the one from Ephesus who cries" (13,3) (i.
2013) (quotation omitted) ('"There is no requirement that the undue influence be directly attributable to the propounder or to a single beneficiary.
an imposition of a burden of proof upon the propounder that the testator had the requisite capacity to make the will (13);
As the propounder of the idea of "the wisdom of repugnance," philosopher Leon Kass holds that viscera trump reason.
He goes serially in discussing his issues of life covering every area like even discussing his hatred for gymnastics, discussing religions, his company of friends, etc, which infers that while writing he does not want to employ artificiality of events and arrangements of words to add spice for decorating his autobiography only, but writes things as they had happened, he hardly cares to be admired as a prolific writer but as an ardent propounder of truth which reflects from his every word.
His interest in both came about through his friendship with James Lovelock, propounder of the Gaia hypothesis (whose name was suggested by Golding).
So, that's Einstein, Nobel Prize winner for services to theoretical physics, propounder of the ground-breaking Theory of Relativity and a man whose name has become synonymous with unfathomable genius, being tackled head to head by a man who, by his own admission, has never read a book.
It is not that the tree of literary art is always greener than the tree of political theory, and that no poet or writer of significance was a propounder of a particular theory.
Yes, Mr Manning was indeed a very able propounder of bigotry and prejudice and could therefore be said to have obtained his laughs at the expense of minorities of all kinds.