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A sensory receptor, found chiefly in muscles, tendons, joints, and the inner ear, that detects the motion or position of the body or a limb by responding to stimuli arising within the organism.

[Latin proprius, one's own; see per in Indo-European roots + (re)ceptor.]

pro′pri·o·cep′tive adj.


(ˌproʊ pri əˈsɛp tɪv)

pertaining to proprioceptors, the stimuli acting upon them, or the nerve impulses initiated by them.
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Adj.1.proprioceptive - of or relating to proprioception


a. propioceptivo-a, que recibe estímulos.


adj propioceptivo
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The authors, however, provided no explanation about how key spatial concepts, like proprioceptive or tactile learning, can be learned through a virtual environment.
Animals disambiguate between motion in the environment and self-movement using corollary discharge, proprioceptive signals and reafferent sensory input.
In balance between these two worlds, augmented reality, based on the visual and proprioceptive perceptions (tactile, auditory) is already used in many areas such as tourism, medicine, education, architecture, leisure, art, marketing and advertising.
This ability depends upon continuous visual, labyrinthine, and proprioceptive input and its integration in the brainstem and cerebellum.
Besides ankle proprioceptive rehabilitation and strengthening of stabilizer muscles of tibio-tarsic joint (in particular the muscles of the lateral sides of the leg), a lot of taping techniques have been developed in order to improve active control of movements, above all inversion and eversion.
When healthy subjects are in question, the clinicians mostly prefer to evaluate or measure the strength, proprioceptive ability, or muscle latency of the dominant ankle (12-14).
Rather than magically forcing you to run with a certain foot strike, minimalist shoes help you develop the proprioceptive awareness to land with your foot under your center of mass to reduce impact (more on this later).
The rambling component of the DFA refers to the cortical control of the sway parameters, whereas the trembling component refers to the proprioceptive control of the sway parameters [15].
This playground has been designed to assist in motor skill, vestibular, coordination, core strength, proprioceptive and sensory development, and cooperative play for children while having a great time.
Damage to the parietal cortex can also cause lack of awareness of movements due to loss of proprioceptive feedback or left hemineglect (3).
5 inch to 4 inch length pencil, the added weight can help improve writing control by increasing proprioceptive input.
This electronic plate is a small and simple proprioceptive unstable system, just as a Freeman plate, capable of detecting and recording single angular movement of a multiaxes unstable platform at real time.