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 (prŏp′ə-lŏn′, prō′pə-)
n. pl. prop·y·la (-lə)

[Greek propulon : pro-, before; see pro-2 + pulē, gate.]
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There are currently 9 industry partners including; Propylon, Nathean Technologies, AIB, TerraNua, Citibank, Wolters Kluwer, Linklaters, Bank of Ireland and BAE Detica.
195-215), examining the propylon of the temple of Khonsu at Thebes, sees further examples of the union of the two complementary aspects of the regeneration of Osiris in three pairs of scenes.
The top half of the temple's remaining obelisk was visible through the V-shaped gap in the massive propylon, its granite reflecting the bluish white of the uplights.
A better example of Stuart's (or, rather, Stuart and Revett's) influence in Birmingham, though, again, long after his death, is Cur-zon Street Station; its Ionic Propylon, with its Doric equivalent at Euston, echoed the East and West gatebuildings of the Roman Agora at Athens.
These could take the shape of a propylon, monopteros and tholos, hestiatorion, alongside the traditional naiskos type of building as it is known to us from the Siphnian or Athenian treasuries.
Propylon has recently developed a comprehensive infrastructure platform enabling direct wireless access to corporate Intranets.
Fergal Murray, vice president North America, Propylon, says that his presentation, "E-Government Architecture in Ireland: The Service-Oriented Approach of the Public Services Broker" (Wed.
3129 and pBM EA 10252) and Karnak (pBM EA 10188), a text inscribed on the propylon of the Montu Temple in North Karnak, Dendera roof chapels, and the Amduat.
Systinet clients in Europe include T-Mobile, JP Morgan, Ericsson, Retail Decisions, Propylon, Allianz Dresdner, Bank Verlag, and Cycos AG.
The propylon of the Temple of Amon-Re Montu in the temple area of North Karnak is a remarkably preserved monument constructed during a period that extends through the reigns of Ptolemy III Euergetes I and Ptolemy IV Philopator.