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A new convert to a doctrine or religion.
v. pros·e·lyt·ed, pros·e·lyt·ing, pros·e·lytes
To proselytize (a person).
To engage in proselytization.

[Middle English proselite, from Old French, from Late Latin prosēlytus, from Greek prosēlutos, stranger, proselyte : pros-, pros- + ēluth- aorist tense stem of erkhesthai, to go.]

pros′e·lyt′er n.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) a person newly converted to a religious faith or sect; a convert, esp a gentile converted to Judaism
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a less common word for proselytize
[C14: from Church Latin prosēlytus, from Greek prosēlutos recent arrival, convert, from proserchesthai to draw near]
proselytism n
proselytic adj


(ˈprɒs əˌlaɪt)

n., v. -lyt•ed, -lyt•ing. n.
1. a person who has changed from one opinion, religious belief, sect, or the like to another; convert.
v.i., v.t.
[1325–75; Middle English < Late Latin prosēlytus < Greek (Septuagint) prosḗlytos newcomer, proselyte, n. derivative of Greek prosēly-, s., in n. derivation, of prosérchesthai to come, go to]


Past participle: proselyted
Gerund: proselyting

I proselyte
you proselyte
he/she/it proselytes
we proselyte
you proselyte
they proselyte
I proselyted
you proselyted
he/she/it proselyted
we proselyted
you proselyted
they proselyted
Present Continuous
I am proselyting
you are proselyting
he/she/it is proselyting
we are proselyting
you are proselyting
they are proselyting
Present Perfect
I have proselyted
you have proselyted
he/she/it has proselyted
we have proselyted
you have proselyted
they have proselyted
Past Continuous
I was proselyting
you were proselyting
he/she/it was proselyting
we were proselyting
you were proselyting
they were proselyting
Past Perfect
I had proselyted
you had proselyted
he/she/it had proselyted
we had proselyted
you had proselyted
they had proselyted
I will proselyte
you will proselyte
he/she/it will proselyte
we will proselyte
you will proselyte
they will proselyte
Future Perfect
I will have proselyted
you will have proselyted
he/she/it will have proselyted
we will have proselyted
you will have proselyted
they will have proselyted
Future Continuous
I will be proselyting
you will be proselyting
he/she/it will be proselyting
we will be proselyting
you will be proselyting
they will be proselyting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been proselyting
you have been proselyting
he/she/it has been proselyting
we have been proselyting
you have been proselyting
they have been proselyting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been proselyting
you will have been proselyting
he/she/it will have been proselyting
we will have been proselyting
you will have been proselyting
they will have been proselyting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been proselyting
you had been proselyting
he/she/it had been proselyting
we had been proselyting
you had been proselyting
they had been proselyting
I would proselyte
you would proselyte
he/she/it would proselyte
we would proselyte
you would proselyte
they would proselyte
Past Conditional
I would have proselyted
you would have proselyted
he/she/it would have proselyted
we would have proselyted
you would have proselyted
they would have proselyted
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Noun1.proselyte - a new convert; especially a gentile converted to Judaism
convert - a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief


A. Nprosélito/a m/f
B. VT, VI (US) = proselytize


nNeubekehrte(r) mf, → Proselyt(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
Next day, to make some return for his entertainment, he took upon him to divert me with some of those stories which the monks amuse simple people with, and told me of a devil that haunted a fountain, and used to make it his employment to plague the monks that came thither to fetch water, and continued his malice till he was converted by the founder of their order, who found him no very stubborn proselyte till they came to the point of circumcision; the devil was unhappily prepossessed with a strong aversion from being circumcised, which, however, by much persuasion, he at last agreed to, and afterwards taking a religious habit, died ten years after with great signs of sanctity.
But if some intelligent and accomplished friend points out to him, that the difficulties by which he is startled are more in appearance than reality, if, by reading aloud to him, or by reducing the ordinary words to the modern orthography, he satisfies his proselyte that only about one-tenth part of the words employed are in fact obsolete, the novice may be easily persuaded to approach the ``well of English undefiled,'' with the certainty that a slender degree of patience will enable him to enjoy both the humour and the pathos with which old Geoffrey delighted the age of Cressy and of Poictiers.
For in politics, as in religion, it is equally absurd to aim at making proselytes by fire and sword.
Elder Hitch, as is seen, was trying to make proselytes on the very railway trains.
He has already made proselytes of one-fifth of the camp; beginning by working on the women, the children, and the weak-minded.
In labors he has been most abundant; and his success in combating prejudice, in gaining proselytes, in agi- tating the public mind, has far surpassed the most sanguine expectations that were raised at the com- mencement of his brilliant career.
And there stood the proselytes beneath the canopy of fire.
Looking right and left for proselytes, Lady Lundie had necessarily remarked the disappearance of certain members of her circle.
But that they take as proselytes, persons so young that they cannot know their own minds, and cannot possess much strength of resolution in this or any other respect, I can assert from my own observation of the extreme juvenility of certain youthful Shakers whom I saw at work among the party on the road.
Some of your lady proselytes may get the better of you some day.
It reminds me of Jesus' warning to the Pharisees, "You travel over land and sea to make a single proselyte, and any one who becomes one you make twice as fit for hell as you are" (Mat 23:15).
The Proselyte and the Prophet: Character Development in Targum Ruth