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 (prōst, prō′zĭt) or prost (prōst)
Used as a toast to someone's health while drinking.

[German, from Latin prōsit, may it benefit, third person sing. subjunctive of prōdesse, to benefit; see proud.]


good health! cheers!
[German, from Latin, literally: may it prove beneficial]


(Eng. ˈproʊ sɪt, -zɪt)

(used as a toast to wish good health to one's drinking companions.)
[1840–50; < German < Latin: literally, may it benefit, 3rd person singular present subjunctive of prodesse to be beneficial]


A German word meaning may it be beneficial, used as a drinking toast.
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Prosit Neujahr (1917), perhaps the best of these early examples, finds revelers blowing kazoos with eyes bulging, an entire back-story of characterization worked into each of their faces.
Further north, German prost's Swedish cousin, prosit, is a false friend; it is the automatic response to someone sneezing.
When murderous Wally Blount (Madsen) arrives in town, Mike has to stop him and Prosit (Izzard), a German villain, from stealing a hidden horde of gold deep in Indian territory.
Lectorem moneo: Pliniani illius meminisse velit: nullum esse librum tam malum quin aliqua in parte prosit.