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Noun1.prosodic system - the system of accentuation used in a particular language
language system - a system of linguistic units or elements used in a particular language
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Let us first of all recall that even a very long sentence can have a completely flat intonation pattern, and hence no intonational substructuring, this being one of the primary features of the Wolof prosodic system (section 2).
We are planning to compare the Livonian prosodic system with the prosody of the neighboring Latvian dialect to explore possible similarities and differences.
Despite the volume's subtitle only the essay by Jacqueline Genot-Bismuth on the complex prosodic system developed by the Italian Hebrew belles-lettrist Immanuel of Rome (c.
The question arises whether the Livonian prosodic system acquired its distinctive structure spontaneously or through contact with Latvian--or even more broadly, through its membership in the Sprachbund around the Baltic Sea.
The first linguist of Estonian origin, Otto Wilhelm Masing (1763-1832), encountered some problems while trying to express the prosodic system of his language in the framework of an alien paradigm.
Thus, stress singles the prosodic system of Erzya out from the systems of most other languages: it can not be reckoned from the beginning or end of a word in a regular way and its linguistic significance is not explicit.
4) Nikolai Trubetzkoy's attempt to reduce the Estonian quantity to two degrees of duration has been viewed as unsuccessful (as it is known, Trubetzkoy derived from Evgeny Polivanov's description, according to which the Estonian prosodic system has four degrees of quantity, compare Trubetzkoy 2000:209-210, Polivanov 1928:197 ff).
In most Uralic languages (including those with fixed stress) the prosodic system is not trivial.
The amazing subtleties of effect great poets have achieved by finding the give in a prosodic system will eventually flash on a diligent student's mind.
1997, The Prosodic System of Estonian in the Finnic Space.
introduction of the Yeongming prosodic system in its original, complex
In medieval poetics and into the Renaissance, as Sidney's remark suggests, the prosodic system of which rhyme is the main marker was seen as constitutive of poetry.