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 (prŏs′ə-păg-nō′sē-ə, -zē-ə)
A disorder characterized by the inability to recognize people by their faces. In some cases it is present at birth, and in others it is the result of a brain injury. Also called face blindness.

[Greek prosōpon, face, character; see prosopopeia + agnōsiā, agnosia; see agnosia.]

pro′so·pag·no′si·ac′ (prŏs′ə-păg-nō′sē-ăk′, -zē-ăk′) adj. & n.


(Psychiatry) an inability to recognize faces
[C20: from Greek prosōpon face + agnosia]
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Prosopagnosia is a subtype of visual agnosia, specific to faces.
One such disorder is developmental prosopagnosia -- a condition in which people are born with the inability to recognize familiar faces, even their own, due to the failure of the brain's facial recognition machinery to develop properly.
Jack has prosopagnosia but keeps it secret, and while growing closer, they thoughtfully explore the meanings of identity, acceptance, and overcoming obstacles through alternatively-narrated chapters.
Actor Brad Pitt suffers from face blindness RAD Pitt is said to suffer from prosopagnosia or face blindness.
Un fenomeno de naturaleza similar, que puede en algunos casos coexistir con delirio de Capgras, es la prosopagnosia, una alteracion que incapacita al paciente a reconocer visualmente los rostros, tanto de si mismo como de sus familiares (26).
Jack is loud, charming and utterly lost, because although he seems like the life and soul, he actually has prosopagnosia (face blindness), meaning he forgets even what his brothers look like.
This disease is called prosopagnosia, or face blindness, and affects many healthy individuals, hampering their ability to recognize or remember the face of any person.
Prosopagnosia is another residual defect, which carries a poor prognosis.
RTLA-FTLD, also known as right variant semantic dementia (SD), is marked by early personality change, prosopagnosia, and topographagno while language deficit would appear in intermediate stage.
Acquired prosopagnosia abolishes the face inversion effect.
que apoya en exceso la parte interior del pie al correr prosopagnosia f (Med) Incapacidad de reconocer los fisonomias.