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1. Likely or expected to happen.
2. Likely to become or be: prospective clients.

pro·spec′tive·ly adv.
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in my desk, then here I prospectively ascribe all the honor and the glory to whaling; for a whale-ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.
She and Jane would have been altogether cheered (in a tearful manner) by this sign that a brother who disliked seeing them while he was living had been prospectively fond of their presence when he should have become a testator, if the sign had not been made equivocal by being extended to Mrs.
then here I prospectively ascribe all the honour and the glory to whaling; for a whale-ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.
When I had taken this commission on myself prospectively, Mr.
I could see he grudged prospectively every single shilling which must be spent so absurd ly.
But so far he had only dared to conceive the plan and fit it prospectively to the administrative skeleton; all of which counted for nothing,--he must gain the ear of a minister capable of appreciating his ideas.
The AICPA recommends that small businesses be allowed either (1) to adopt the rules prospectively without having to compute a Sec.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the utility of MRI in detecting clinically occult foci of disease in a prospectively identified cohort of partial breast irradiation candidates uniformly undergoing MRI in addition to mammogram and ultrasound.
Reacting to squatter pressures, Congress at first confirmed tides retroactively, then with the 1841 Preemption Act offered the land prospectively for sale to squatters, and finally with the 1862 Homestead Act granted the land free of charge prospectively.
The new rule would apply prospectively for fiscal years beginning after Dec.
The provisions of Statement 45 may be applied prospectively and do not require governments to fund their OPEB plans.
Even though its sales may be all for resale and exempt from sales tax, the applicant's tax representative should definitely negotiate a voluntary disclosure agreement that limits the sales tax lookback period and permits the applicant to register prospectively and file sales tax returns annually, even though it owes no tax.