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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures by bridges, dentures, or other artificial devices.

pros′tho·don′tic adj.
pros′tho·don′tist n.
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Adj.1.prosthodontic - of or relating to prosthodontics
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Contract notice: Prosthodontic and relining products
It is important to point out that the All-on-4 treatment is a prosthodontic procedure.
Dentistry can expect to treat more complex conditions with an increase in periodontal and prosthodontic needs; that is, if these individuals can continue to afford the expense of oral care and, more importantly, have access to it.
Considering the increased bond strength of indirect composite to coated zirconia substrate before and after thermocycling and the simplicity of surface treatment, this technique of coating with silicated glass nanoparticles by sol-gel method can be used to increase the bond strength and success rate of prosthodontic treatments.
Dental prostheses have become a significant aspect of tooth replacement in prosthodontic treatment [1]-[3].
According to Glossary of Prosthodontic terms [3] "A provisional restoration is a transitional restoration that provides protection, stabilization and function before fabrication of the definitive prosthesis".
Implant prosthodontic experts in response, the team at North Seattle Restorative Dentistry are now adapting their services to meet the needs of a new range of dental patients.
Maxillofacial rehabilitation: Prosthodontic and surgical considerations.
Ahmad, a lecturer, researcher, and dentist in private practice in the UK, offers a concise introduction to all aspects of prosthodontic dentistry for students, clinicians, and other members of the dental team.
More importantly, four highlighted sessions were also held during the event - the 14th session of Life, Science and Future Health Summit organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai International Stomatological Implant Forum, Prosthodontic Forum and Orthodontic Forum.
The regular TRICARE medical benefit does not cover routine, preventive, restorative, emergency non-adjunctive dental, prosthodontic or periodontic dental care that's not related to a medical condition.
TREATMENT: Assessments indicated the need for a combined paediatric dentistry and prosthodontic care.