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plan of Greek Temple B
Selinunte, Sicily


Having a row of columns across the front only, as in some Greek and Roman temples.

[Latin prostȳlos, from Greek prostūlos : pro-, in front; see pro-2 + stūlos, pillar; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Architecture) (of a building) having a row of columns in front, esp as in the portico of a Greek temple
(Architecture) a prostyle building, portico, etc
[C17: from Latin prostӯlos, from Greek: with pillars in front, from pro-2 + stulos pillar]


(ˈproʊ staɪl)
(of a classical temple or other building) having a portico with columns on the front only.
[1690–1700; < Latin prostȳlos < Greek próstȳlos with pillars in front =pro- pro-2 + -stȳlos -style2]
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Adj.1.prostyle - marked by columniation having free columns in a portico only across the opening to the structure
apteral - having columns at one or both ends but not along the sides
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Standing in the shelter of original architect James Gibbs' prostyle portico, looking west towards Trafalgar Square and The Mall, Parry wanted to discuss the significant position of the church within its well-known urban ensemble.
the snake represented on the entrance to the underworld, here depicted as a prostyle building, on a late-6th-century black-figure kalpis by the Eucharides Painter (Charlton 1958, pl.
Television viewers snickered at the ineptitude of Tim Allen in the long-running sit-com "Home Improvement" About the only thing he seemed to get right was the prostyle tool belt he wore around his waist during the show within the show, "Tool Time" Amateur handymen have long envied--albeit, perhaps, subconsciously--the macho look it gives electricians, construction workers, etc.