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n. pl. prot·a·ses (-sēz′)
1. Grammar The dependent clause of a conditional sentence, as if it rains in The game will be canceled if it rains.
2. The first part of an ancient Greek or Roman drama, in which the characters and subject are introduced.

[Late Latin, proposition, first part of a play, from Greek, premise of a syllogism, conditional clause, from proteinein, prota-, to propose : pro-, forward; see pro-2 + teinein, to stretch; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·tat′ic (prŏ-tăt′ĭk, prō-) adj.


n, pl -ses (-siːz)
1. (Logic) logic grammar the antecedent of a conditional statement, such as if it rains in if it rains the game will be cancelled. Compare apodosis
2. (Theatre) (in classical drama) the introductory part of a play
[C17: via Latin from Greek: a proposal, from pro- before + teinein to extend]
protatic adj


(ˈprɒt ə sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
1. the clause expressing the condition in a conditional sentence, in English usu. beginning with if. Compare apodosis.
2. the first part of an ancient drama, in which the characters are introduced.
[1610–20; < Late Latin < Greek prótasis proposition, protasis =prota- s., in n. derivation, of proteínein to stretch out, offer, propose (pro- pro-2 + teínein to stretch) + -sis -sis]


Classical Drama, the first part of a play, when the characters are introduced. Cf. epitasis. See also grammar; wisdom. — protatic, adj.
See also: Drama
Rare. a proposition or maxim. See also drama; grammar.
See also: Wisdom
a clause containing the condition in a conditional sentence. Cf. apodosis. See also drama; wisdom and foolishness. — protatic, adj.
See also: Grammar
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By contrast, the only way in which one could legitimately say that the relationship of "following" as understood in the third sense is deniable would be if the nature of the subject of the protasis did not logically entail the nature of the subject of the apodosis.
Then the diviner cites another omen, whose protasis describes the appearance of the sun within a lunar halo, a seemingly impossible event.
the relationship between the protasis ("forgive us our debts")
I read [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as neuter with an indefinite, understood antecedent, equivalent to a present general protasis.
At Cava Protasis, spreading the word for Austrian wine was recently the theme of an evening tasting.
In the Gunwinjguan language Bininj Gun-Wok (Evans 2003:650-651), reason constructions can contain the apprehensive particle wardi, as in the structure in (20) below, where the clause denoting a reason (itself complex, with a conditional protasis and apodosis) is introduced by wardi.
As Dimler further demonstrates, the relation between res picta and res significata, that is, allusive protasis and implied apodosis, becomes figurative (and thereby truly emblematic) when the poetic image of one thing is compared to the poetic image of another thing, these two images being differentiated and yet associated according to the rhetorical sources of invention-analogy, opposition, estrangement, and allusion.
The verbal inflexion that descends historically from the "preterite subjunctive", and which we find in the protasis of "unreal conditional" sentences such as (4), is also not a marker of the traditional tense distinction marked on the first (main-clause) verb in (1-3).
The three cardinal turns--the delayed protasis of the ghost's repetitive appearance, the crisis, brought about by the mousetrap scene and the catastrophe the proportionately stretched-to-the-limits closure--provide both the play (compositionally) and the Hamlet-world (conceptually) with a geometry generating the illusion of inverted spatial definition.
The prominent Hellenic labels include: Protasis, a popular contemporary and traditional label; FM Records, which is providing tracks including Mikis Theodorakis' new orchestral interpretation of the "Zorba The Greek" soundtrack; Poeta Negra and Ntrop Records, both specializing in electronic contemporary music; Revoe Records, renowned for avant-classical and world music; Monom Records; Pop Art Records, with indie rock and electronic music; and Kathreftis/MusicMirror, which features world and traditional music.
The latter, which is the product of a joint effort with Bruker Biospin and Protasis, comes equipped with the same autosampler as the CapLC and is adept at analyzing metabolites and impurities that arise in the drug development process.
Non enim excursus hic ejus, sed opus ipsum est," (1) he quotes in the seventh volume, gently chiding any reader who might still, at that late date, be hoping for the traditional sequence of protasis, epitasis, catastasis, catastrophe, and peripeteia.