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also pro·te·ge  (prō′tə-zhā′, prō′tə-zhā′)
One whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person.

[French, from past participle of protéger, to protect, from Old French, from Latin prōtegere; see protect.]


(ˈprəʊtɪˌʒeɪ) or feminine


a person who is protected and aided by the patronage of another person
[C18: from French protéger to protect]


(ˈproʊ təˌʒeɪ, ˌproʊ təˈʒeɪ)

n., pl. -gés.
a person under the patronage, protection, or care of someone interested in his or her career or welfare.
[1780–90; < French, n. use of past participle of protéger to protect]
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Noun1.protege - a person who receives support and protection from an influential patron who furthers the protege's career
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something
protegee - a woman protege


noun charge, student, pupil, ward, discovery, dependant Klimt's young protégé, Egon Schiele


[ˈprɒteʒeɪ] Nprotegido m, ahijado m


[ˈprɒtəʒeɪ] nprotégé m


, protégée
nProtegé m, → Schützling m
References in classic literature ?
No; she has two of her proteges with her, and must keep with them.
The next day, as she watched her unknown friend, Kitty noticed that Mademoiselle Varenka was already on the same terms with Levin and his companion as with her other proteges.
In any case it must have been very recently, for the appointment was vacant eight days ago; a proof of which is, that the king refused Monsieur, who solicited the post for one of his proteges.
Something of the gift of Francois Millet, whose peasants are veritable priests, of those older religious painters who could portray saintly heads so sweetly and their merely human proteges so truly, seems indeed to have descended to M.
He suddenly found himself tremendously hungry and as he circled about over the sandy bottom searching among the tangled network of innumerable tracks for those of his proteges, there broke from his lips involuntarily the whine of a hungry beast.
My protege, as you call him, is a sensible man; and sense will always have attractions for me.
I am quite pleased with your protege," she said to Mr.
Then, too, he is my first boy friend - but not exactly friend; rather protege and friend combined.
At this point Sola returned with our meager belongings and her young Martian protege, who, of course, would have to share the quarters with them.
Yes; he struck his pocket and said, 'We shall see what Monsieur de Treville will think of this insult offered to his protege.
Meanwhile she lay on her bed with old Joanna at her side, for even in her wanderings she did not forget her forlorn protege.
Did you ever come across a protege of his--one Hyde?