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 (prōt′n-oid′, prō′tē-noid′)
A proteinlike polypeptide formed abiotically from amino acid mixtures in the presence of heat, thought to resemble early evolutionary forms of protein.
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Ongoing primate studies for heparin show that the current lead Proteinoid Oral Drug Delivery System (PODDS (TM)) carrier is at least ten times more efficient than the carrier used in the 1992 human clinical trial.
Emisphere's proteinoid oral drug delivery system (PODDS(TM)) is based on small compounds composed in whole or in part of amino acids.
Since that time, amino acids seem to be on the forefront of prebiotic molecule research, which includes the study of DNA, RNA, proteinoids (Sidney Fox), ribozymes (Thomas Cech & Sidney Airman), and pre-RNA molecules such as peptide nucleic acid (Peter E.