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Relating to, characterized by, or promoting proteolysis.

pro′te·o·lyt′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.proteolytic - of or relating to proteolysis
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These reagents are necessary for carrying out specific laboratory activities of efs nord de france, In pursuit of working methods that have been approved for their diagnostic value: - specific clones used in the identification of erythrocyte variants, - monoclonal reagents used in platelet immunology (anti-human cd), - various solutions: Stabilization solution, Proteolytic enzymes, Bovine albumin used in the preparation of reagents used in the biological analysis, - "control" reagents devoid of any antibody activity.
0 ml of EBC was obtained in which the following indices were detected: Total protein content (g/L) by Lowry's method, EBC proteolytic activity by the lysis of albumin, azocasein, and azocollagen by Veremeyenko's method, the content of aldehyde and ketone derivatives of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone (AKDNPH) of the main and neutral character by Dubinina's method, the content of nitrogen monoxide metabolites (NMON) by Yemchenko's method (1994) in Gozhenko's modification (2002), total, enzymatic, and non-enzymatic fibrinolytic activity by Kukharchuk's method.
gov/unigene) occurrences and a few translated proteolytic enzymes during development emphasizes the necessity of conducting an integrated investigation, including enzyme activity, protein identification, and transcript quantification.
Bromelain is a crude extract derived from pineapple plant (Ananas comosus) and contains mixture of proteolytic enzymes and non-enzymatic substances.
MWPC003 is an investigational sterile injectable solution containing a mixture of the same pharmaceutical-grade proteolytic enzymes used in the company's NexoBrid, which is approved in Europe and other geographies for burn debridement.
ABSTRACT The American lobster [Homarus americanus (Edwards, 1837)] is an omnivore decapod with generalist and opportunistic feeding habits, in which gastric fluid cysteine and aspartic peptidases are the main proteolytic enzymes.
Proteolytic activity was measured by OPA (O-phthaldialdehyde) method (Quantitative method) described by Hati et al.
IN PATIENTS WITH ACQUIRED autoimmune thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, elevated plasma levels of human neutrophil proteins 1-3 inhibit proteolytic cleavage of von Willebrand factor by ADAMTS13, Vikram G.
In vitro potency determination of botulinum neurotoxin B based on its receptor-binding and proteolytic characteristics.
Proteolytic activity has an important role in the regulation of a wide range of biological processes, given the high specificity associated to the hydrolysis of the peptide bond.
The strains were characterized according to their potential properties; antimicrobial activity, acidifying capacity, proteolytic and lipolytic activity and they belonged to; Lactobacillus plantarum, L.
The main obstacle to its development has been getting the medicationpast the hostile proteolytic environment of the stomach and intestine without destroying the protein itself.