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 (prō′tə-gī′nəs, -jĭn′əs)
Of or relating to an organism, especially a plant, in which the female reproductive organs mature before the male reproductive organs.

pro·tog′y·ny (prō-tŏj′ə-nē) n.


(prəʊˈtɒdʒɪnəs) or


(Biology) (of plants and hermaphrodite animals) producing female gametes before male ones. Compare protandrous
proˈtogyny n
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Floral ccology of Oreocharis acaulis (Gesncriaceae): an exceptional case of "preanthetic" protogyny combined with approach herkogamy.
Protogyny in the Caribbean reef goby, Coryphopterus personatus: gonad ontogeny and social influences on sex-change.
Sadovy de Mitcheson and Liu (2008) did not designate the thumbprint emperor as a protogynous hermaphrodite, and, although the seemingly complex sexuality of this species may require further inquiry, data from Guam provide evidence for protogyny in that population (Taylor and McIlwain, 2010).
Protogyny, or female-first hermaphroditism, is found in several fish species that exhibit harem-based mating structures (e.
Sexual development in fish is characterized by many factors, including genetic and environmental, male and female heterogametes, single gene and polygenic systems, protandry, protogyny, social influence on sexual determination and many combinations and variations between and with these systems.
There are no reports on the sexual maturation of Neosilba species, but as evidenced in this study, it is probable that the females of Neosilba reached sexual maturity earlier than the conspecific males, a case of protogyny.
Gardner (1982) reported protogyny for almost all the 150 species of Tillandsia subgenus Tillandsia, including T.
These mechanisms include protogyny, chasmogamy, heterostyly, self-incompatibility, self-sterility, entomophily, anemophily, and hydrophily.