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 (prō′tə-trō′fĭk, -trŏf′ĭk)
Having the same metabolic capabilities and nutritional requirements as the wild type parent strain: prototrophic bacteria.

pro′to·troph′, pro′to·troph′y n.


(Biology) the state of being a prototroph
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On the other hand, the phenomenon of reversion to prototrophy occurs as a consequence of new mutations at the site of the preexisting ones or near the mutated genes, which restore the gene's function and allow the cells to synthesise the required amino acid histidine (Mortelmans and Zeiger, 2000).
In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, DNA deletions were scored by reversion to histidine prototrophy.
None of the tester strains showed increased reversion to prototrophy either in the absence or presence of rat liver metabolic activation system.