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1. An original type, form, or instance serving as a basis or standard: "The abolitionists were the prototype of modern citizen activism" (Adam Hochschild).
2. An original, full-scale, and usually working model of a new product or new version of an existing product.
3. A typical example of a class or category: "He fit the prototype of the artist as social misfit and compulsive contrarian" (Stephen Holden).
tr.v. pro·to·typed, pro·to·typ·ing, pro·to·types
To make a prototype of (a product).

[French, from Greek prōtotupon, from neuter of prōtotupos, original : prōto-, proto- + tupos, model.]

pro′to·typ′al (-tī′pəl), pro′to·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk), pro′to·typ′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
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Adj.1.prototypal - representing or constituting an original type after which other similar things are patterned; "archetypal patterns"; "she was the prototypal student activist"
first - preceding all others in time or space or degree; "the first house on the right"; "the first day of spring"; "his first political race"; "her first baby"; "the first time"; "the first meetings of the new party"; "the first phase of his training"


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This is probably due to the difficulty of the prototypal injection system in controlling the steady-state needle position at low lift values.
Although, its roots are traced to sub-saharan Africa (1940s) [2] and to India and Bangladesh (1960s and 70s), [3] Navrongo HDSS (NHDSS) in northern Ghana (1993) is seen as the prototypal HDSS for new HDSS across Africa and Asia.
The author examines the immigrant patterns of 23 native and 10 foreign-born adult male immigrant groups that settled in Illinois by 1850 during the Great Migration and the emergence of culture regions and regional way stations there, showing that Illinois is a prototypal example of diverse population origins during the Great Migration.
He is a prototypal character who represents national conscience and who sides with the clamour for national integration.
Objective: The main objective of the OSMOSE project is to develop a reference architecture, a middleware and some prototypal applications for the Sensing-Liquid Enterprise, by interconnecting Real, Digital and Virtual Worlds in the same way a semi-permeable membrane permits the flow of liquid particles through itself.
Being able to depart for where we will is the prototypal gesture of being free, as limitation of freedom of movement has from time immemorial been the precondition for enslavement.
As part of the tender, J1-FAS demonstrator will be brought to an easy to use and deploy prototypal status.
Although initially a version of Japanese naturalism (shizenshugi), shishdsetsu writing (the "I-novel")--a prototypal Japanese species--has become the prevalent novelistic formula in the modern and contemporary periods.