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pro·tract  (prō-trăkt′, prə-)
tr.v. pro·tract·ed, pro·tract·ing, pro·tracts
1. To draw out or lengthen in time; prolong: disputants who needlessly protracted the negotiations.
2. Mathematics To draw to scale by means of a scale and protractor; plot.
3. Anatomy To extend or protrude (a body part).

[Latin prōtrahere, prōtract- : prō-, forth; see pro-1 + trahere, to drag.]

pro·tract′ed·ly (-trăk′tĭd-lē) adv.
pro·tract′ed·ness n.
pro·trac′tive adj.

protract (prəˈtrækt)
vb (tr)
1. to lengthen or extend (a speech, etc); prolong in time
2. (Physiology) (of a muscle) to draw, thrust, or extend (a part, etc) forwards
3. (Surveying) to plot or draw using a protractor and scale
[C16: from Latin prōtrahere to prolong, from pro-1 + trahere to drag]
proˈtractive adj
pro•tract (proʊˈtrækt, prə-)

1. to draw out or lengthen, esp. in time; prolong.
2. Anat. to extend or protrude.
3. (in surveying, mathematics, etc.) to plot and draw (lines) with a scale and a protractor.
[1540–50; < Latin prōtractus, past participle of prōtrahere to draw forth, prolong]
pro•tract′ed•ly, adv.
pro•tract′ed•ness, n.
pro•tract′i•ble, adj.
pro•trac′tive, adj.
syn: See lengthen.
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Verb1.protract - lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer; "We prolonged our stay"; "She extended her visit by another day"; "The meeting was drawn out until midnight"
carry, extend - continue or extend; "The civil war carried into the neighboring province"; "The disease extended into the remote mountain provinces"
lengthen - make longer; "Lengthen this skirt, please"
extend - prolong the time allowed for payment of; "extend the loan"
temporise, temporize - draw out a discussion or process in order to gain time; "The speaker temporized in order to delay the vote"
spin out, spin - prolong or extend; "spin out a visit"
protract [prəˈtrækt] VTprolongar
vthinausziehen, in die Länge ziehen; illnessverlängern; decisionhinauszögern
protract [prəˈtrækt] vtprotrarre

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One of the Roman poets, I remember, likens our leaving life to our departure from a feast;--a thought which hath often occurred to me when I have seen men struggling to protract an entertainment, and to enjoy the company of their friends a few moments longer.
only one day in seventy, one loves to protract the pleasure.
What, even, if he got away from the camp in safety before any returned with the true story of his guilt--of what value would this advantage be other than to protract for a few days his mental torture and his life?
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