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n. pl. pro·vin·ci·al·i·ties
2. Ecology The restriction of the range of a plant or animal population to a province or group of provinces.


(prəˌvɪn ʃiˈæl ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. provincial character; provincialism.
2. a provincial characteristic.
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His report of it was clumsy and farcical; but in a large, loose way it was like enough; at least he had caught the note of our self-satisfied, intolerant, and hypocritical provinciality, and this was not altogether lost in his mocking horse-play.
9) Jerome Hamilton Buckley describes the Bildungsroman as a "novel of formation" that addresses several of the following themes: "Childhood, the conflict of generations, provinciality, the larger society, self-education, alienation, ordeal by love, the search for a vocation and a working philosophy.
4) The unusual provinciality shown by the bivalve fauna has also been observed in the coeval Ammonite fauna of the Salt Range and the Surghar Range.
1977): Provinciality of the Mediterranean Lower Jurassic brachiopod fauna: causes and plate-tectonic implications.
Nearshore marine paleoclimatic regions, increasing zoogeographic provinciality, molluscan extinctions, and paleo shorelines, California: Late Oligocene (27 Ma) to Late Pliocene (2.
But it also exposed him, cruelly, to nationalism in its intolerant, state-sponsored variant--nationalism "harnessed by repressive and conservative forces" and marked by "an unexamined, hypersensitive provinciality and narrow-mindedness" (Anderson 2016, p.
Putting aside her criticism of Silvia's provinciality, Melinda's logic in the abstract is sound; a man exposed to different climes and peoples should be able to evaluate the differences among them.
By drawing a connection between chaotic simultaneity and creative potential, Anne observes Russia's insistence on its own provinciality helps illuminate how its tradition resists assimilation into "world literature.
Morandi painted in his native Bologna for his entire career; it was from the relative provinciality of his Via Fondazza studio that he emerged as a representative of Italy's strained and somewhat belated modernism--as an artist whose importance exceeds the humble dimensions of his still lifes.
To attribute rurality to Singapore's heartlands, many wives even call Singapore 'Po xiari ('Singapore County') to describe its smallness and provinciality by deliberately disassociating it with cosmopolitan urbanity.