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a. The act of providing or supplying something: the provision of health care; the provision of rations.
b. The act of making preparations for a possible or future event or situation: The provision for retirement requires planning.
a. Something provided: A fire escape is an important provision in a building.
b. provisions Necessary supplies, such as food and clothing, as for a journey.
3. A preparatory action or measure: We must make provisions for riding out the storm.
4. A particular requirement in a law, rule, agreement, or document: the constitutional provision concerned with due process.
v. pro·vi·sioned, pro·vi·sion·ing, pro·vi·sions
To supply with provisions.
To take preparatory action or measures: A bank must provision against losses from bad loans.

[Middle English, from Old French, forethought, from Latin prōvīsiō, prōvīsiōn-, from prōvīsus, past participle of prōvidēre, to foresee, provide for; see provide.]

pro·vi′sion·er n.


References in classic literature ?
Next came the question of provisioning and medicines, one which required the most careful consideration, for what we had to do was to avoid lumbering the wagon, and yet to take everything absolutely necessary.
Just as Prince Andrew met Nesvitski and Zherkov, there came toward them from the other end of the corridor, Strauch, an Austrian general who on Kutuzov's staff in charge of the provisioning of the Russian army, and the member of the Hofkriegsrath who had arrived the previous evening.
By the time the ladies had returned to the deck the rapid provisioning of the boats had been about completed, and a moment later the officer who had gone below had returned to report.
A general strike, it said, had been called all over the United States; and most foreboding anxieties were expressed concerning the provisioning of the great cities.
Courion believes the way to best serve the mid-market is not by removing product capability, but by enabling companies with point-and-click and out-of-the-box capabilities that address specific pain points while providing the fastest and easiest approach to achieving lasting value from provisioning and accelerating the implementation process.
Fischer's advanced provisioning architecture was chosen to automate and consolidate UniSource's current paper-based provisioning processes to deliver improved business efficiency, increased productivity across multiple departments, automated compliance, and rapid response to audits.
Courion(R) Corporation, the provisioning specialist, today announced that Partners HealthCare has selected its PasswordCourier(R) password provisioning solution and ProfileCourier(R) profile management solution to bolster the healthcare provider's identity management infrastructure.
Courion(R) Corporation, the provisioning specialist, today announced Catholic Healthcare West's (CHW) deployment of its Enterprise Provisioning Suite(TM) solution.
Courion(R) Corporation, the provisioning specialist, today announced that Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, a leading public water provider, has selected Courion to support automation of user password resets and provisioning.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Six international companies joined together to demonstrate interoperability of the Service Provisioning Mark-up Language (SPML) version 2.
Computer provisioning has been around since the inception of computers-computers produce data, and data must have somewhere to live.
Access Control, Resource Provisioning and Regulatory Compliance Remain Key Drivers for Courion Enterprise Provision Suite Adoption