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Noun1.provoker - someone who deliberately foments trouble; "she was the instigator of their quarrel"
ringleader - a person who leads (especially in illicit activities)
bad hat, mischief-maker, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
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Go, I say, to her, who washed the wounds, and straighted the corpse, and gave to the slain man the outward show of one parted in time and in the course of nature Go to her, she was my temptress, the foul provoker, the more foul rewarder, of the deed let her, as well as I, taste of the tortures which anticipate hell
So it's not meant to be massively prescriptive but it's meant to be a thought provoker to get some feedback.
In the Moroccan capital, Rabat, tens of thousands of protesters marched down the city's main thoroughfare chanting slogans including, "The people want to liberate Palestine" and "Death to Israel, enemy of the people and provoker of wars.
Over deeper flats, Lewis often upsizes to a 1/4-ounce jig with a MirrOlure Provoker to reach fish holding lower in the water column.
Otherwise, MP Mehmeti addressed fierce critics to her fellow party member Artan Grubi calling him "hooligan and provoker of conflicts", listing him against the main culpable for degrading the authority of party leader Ali Ahmeti.
The arrival of the Turner Prize, that great promoter of artistic talent and provoker of public outrage, may mark a turning point.
10) Similar may be rationales of a trend provoker, trend supporter, or trend amplifier.
British regard the words sorry and excuse me as magical expressions which provide a soothing effect to both provoker and wounded, but Americans on the other hand avoid adopting such a path of apology in sheer egotism.
At times, the victim is seen as the provoker of the crime.
Evicted contestant Andy has called his once good friend Gauhar Khan as the provoker of fights in the house of "Bigg Boss 7.
A provoker appeared among us, so he provoked a so-called seizure of power.